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Week of 03/18/2014 - Issue # 306

Here is your weekly copy of Know-a-BULL News. Please read this issue to keep up-to-date with all the exciting events and news from the USF Honors College and the Office of National Scholarships.

At a Glance

Upcoming Events

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 3/19/2014 Mandatory PSP meeting for cohorts 12 and 13
 3/21/2014 Mandatory PSP Cohort 12 and 13 meeting
 3/21/2014 Leadership: Disney Customer Service
 3/25/2014 Conquering the Summer Job Search
 3/26/2014 HCSC Presents: Game Night!
 3/27/2014 Art Show
 3/30/2014 Honors Dali Trip
 4/1/2014 National Poetry Month at USF: April 2014
 4/3/2014 Cooking with Cayla
 4/3/2014 National Poetry Month at USF: April 2014
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Honors College

Dean's Update:

    Masters Studies in Energy and the Environment in the UK, for the 2014/15 academic year. Contact: USF Office of National Scholarships, for additional details. Deadline: April 3, 2014. Required: GPA >3.7.

    Applicants must apply to the university for admission to be eligible. The scholarship program is aimed at students with a bachelor's or master's degree and Spanish, British or American nationality who wish to continue their specialization in academic institutions of excellence in the United Kingdom in the following knowledge areas: Renewable energies, Sustainable energy systems, Environment and biodiversity, Clean combustion technologies and emissions management, Energy efficiency, Energy storage, Electric vehicles, and Smart distribution networks.

    Candidates can choose between these universities, among the best England/Scotland Universities: Imperial College of London, University of Edinburgh, University of Strathclyde, University of Liverpool, and University of Glasgow.


  • New! - 2014 Minority Students Health Careers Motivation Program MSHCMP and MCAT Program

    MSHCMP is designed to be a mini first-semester medical education experience this full-time, seven-week residential program exposes participants to classroom instruction in select basic science courses in the medical education curriculum and offers physician-shadowing opportunities.

    MCAT is an eight-week program and includes class lectures on content found in the Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, and Verbal Reasoning components of the MCAT, as well as instruction on preparing for the written portion of the test.

    We encourage you to explore the website  to learn more.

    The deadline for the application is March 21, 2014. 


  • New! - Changes in Foreign Language Labs

    Starting this summer all lower-level language labs (1120L/1121L) will be discontinued in order to be in line with common practice among most state universities. The reduction of the beginning language sequence from 10 to 8 credit hours will not effect the requirement of two semesters. The changes will be adjusted in degree works and other student systems. Students who have taken 1120 with lab can now continue to take 1121 without the lab.

  • New! - Share Your Honors Service Break Experience

    I am a fellow honors student working on my honor's project exploring the impact that our Honors College service breaks have on students. If you have attended one of our Service Breaks in the last three years, I would like to respectfully request  about an hour of your time to hear your thoughts about your experience. I realize that all of our time is valuable, and this  is an informal and voluntary interview. I am hoping to have these conversations with you sometime between March 13th-28th. Please contact me by either phone or email at or 813-447-9776. I truly appreciate anyone willing to share your experiences.

  • New! - Permits for Summer and Fall courses

    Permits and Thesis Permits will open this Friday, 3/7/14. Permits for the Global Citizenship course and Bio-Med Ethics will be automatically put in, so you don't need to request them. You will need to request a permit for an Honors Course if you are a double-major, new to the Honors College, or for IDH 4000 or the first AND second semesters of thesis. Bio-Med Ethics will have restricted registration (for 7-yr med students) for the first week of registration and then the permit will be removed and all Honors College students will be able to register for any available Bio-Med seats.

    Once registration begins on 3/24/14, if you have problems registering for a course (other than the course being full), you should apply for a permit for that class.

    To apply for a permit, go to the Honors website, click on Honors College Forms: Online Forms: Permit form (or below that is the Thesis Permit form).

    If you have any questions, please contact Joan Field: .

    Also, course descriptions for Fall 14 are now available on our website. You'll find them on the Honors website: Current Students: Course Descriptions: Fall 2014.


  • New! - Congratulations Alexander Jacobsen!

    Alexander Jacobsen, an Honors College junior majoring in Chemical Engineering is a national scholarship winner!  Alexander won a RISE scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to spend summer 2014 working on a simulation project studying the properties of trisiloxane surfactants at Aachen University, one of Germany's oldest and most prestigious technical universities.  RISE award packages include a stipend to cover living expenses, insurance, and travel to attend a three-day meeting of all RISE scholarship holders in Heidelberg.


  • New! - Congratulations Michael Calzadilla!

    Michael Calzadilla, an Honors College junior and one of our Goldwater applicants, has been invited to participate in the NSF REU program at the MIT Haystack Observatory. His project will involve "Observing Black Holes With the Event Horizon Telescope" under the guidance and mentorship of Drs. Rusen Lu and Vincent Fish. He will receive a stipend of $500 per week, paid biweekly, for 10 weeks starting on 2 June and ending on 8 August 2014. Here's the program website for more info on the logistics and the project: Michael was in a REU at Harvard last summer. He is majoring in astrophysics.


  • Honors College Graduation Certification Form

    Dear Spring Graduates! The Honors College Graduation Certification Form is now open you can start to fill it out here:

    The form will be open until April 1st, 2014. If you are graduating this spring and cannot access this form or have any other questions, please contact Kelly Brabant at

    Link: Graduation Certification Form

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O.N.S. - Office of National Scholarships

  • New! - Study in Costa Rica this summer!

    The USF Costa Rica program is offering students an opportunity to satisfy the foreign language, upper-level elective, and summer credit requirements of the BA degree, while doing it in Costa Rica.

    Program highlights:

    • Students will spend one month in Costa Rica, from middle of May to middle of June.

    • Students will take two classes and earn up to 8 credits, consisting of Spanish language (any level) + GLY 4010, "Geology and the Environment in Costa Rica"

    • Students will travel on three multi-day excursions to see some of Costa Rica's most beautiful destinations, including Rincón de la Vieja Volcano, Arenal volcano and thermal areas, and Manuel Antonio National Park.

    • Cost is $3,365 which includes tuition, excursions, lodging, and most meals.

    If interested, please contact Tom Juster at the phone number or (preferably) email address below:

    Tom Juster
    (813) 974-9691


  • New! - Have you ever considered teaching English K-12 to Spanish children and teenagers?

    K - 12 English language assistant positions in the Spanish public school system are now accepting applications. There are no application fees and the deadline to apply is April 1, 2014.

    For more information, visit:


  • New! - Congratulations to Hiram Rios!

    Congratulations to Hiram Rios! Hiram is a recipient of the Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) to study Chinese in China during the summer of 2014. Hiram, an Honors College student was chosen to participate in the intensive language learning program in China for eight weeks. He is also a previous two-time national scholarship recipient, having received the Boren and Gilman Scholarships last summer to also support his Chinese language learning in China. You can learn more about the Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) here:


  • New! - Application Process Now Open for the USF Golden Bull Award

    Applications and recommendations are due by Monday, March 31 at 5pm.

    Eligibility and application requirements can be found here.


    Link: USF Golden Bull Award

ONS has information on a wide variety of Scholarships and fellowships for graduate study. Please check the ONS website and speak with Dr. Lucas or Ms. Schumacher.

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USF Honors College Student Council

  • New! - HCSC Presents Game Night

    H.C.S.C. GAME NIGHT: Got game?

    Are you suffering from post Spring Break blues? Symptoms include glum looks, trudging towards classes, and constantly staring at the ground. If so, the Honors College Student Council has the perfect remedy: H.C.S.C Game night!!! On Wednesday Night, March 26th in JPH 1319, we will be hosting a game night for the Honors College community. The room will be divided into two halves with the back half including popular games such as Cards Against Humanity, Egyptian Rat Screw, Scrabble etc. The front half of the room will be the stage for a "Minute to Win It" game, where groups of friends can compete against each other in various activities such as charades, trivia etc. Just because Spring Break is over doesn''t mean the fun has to stop! So come on down to JPH 1319 at 7:00 pm on March 26th, and prove to everyone that you've got game!


  • Values-Based Leadership

    Join the Honors College Student Council for the fifth installment of the 2014 Honors Leadership Series.

    This week, Jordan King, assistant director of New Student Connections, will deliver a powerful presentation on the Values-Based Leadership model. Learn about how defining involvement and your career aspirations can be facilitated with values congruence, and learn what your very own top ten values are and how they define your everyday life decisions.

    Don't miss out on the opportunity to develop your leadership skills! The workshop is from 2:00 - 3:00pm on Friday, April 4th in ALN 252. RSVP online on the honors calendar!

    If you have any questions, contact Hiram Rios at


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USF Honors College Student Council

  • Feeding America Mobile Pantry Box

    What exactly are "Feed America Mobile Pantries?": Mobile pantries allow food banks to engage a much larger circle of groups in supplying food to the needy, thereby increasing the number of people served, and extending service into regions that the food bank hadn't before been able to reach. 

    The Mobile Pantry Program Concept: A mobile pantry is a method of direct client distribution in an organized format managed either by food bank or agency staff that utilizes a dry/refrigerated vehicle to provide food that traditional pantries do not normally accept or distribute to people in need.

    How can I get involved?: The Honors College has a food collection box in the lobby where non-perishable items may be dropped off. There will also be a box at every HLLC event for the rest of the semester, so come prepared!

    To get more involved, the organization meets every 3rd week of the month (March 20th is the next). The meetings run from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm. The event is at the University Area Community Development Center (14013 N 22nd street, Tampa).

    Check out the website for more information on how to get involved in this great service project!


    Link: Feeding America

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Student Submissions

  • New! - USF AISEC is recruiting for Executive Positions

    AIESEC is an international not-for-profit organization that provides students with leadership training and internship opportunities at for-profit and not for profit organizations. Student members of AIESEC at universities around the world run, manage, and facilitate a global internship exchange network. As registered student organizations, Local Committees of AIESEC function as small businesses in their communities, run entirely by students. They send students from their university abroad on internships that change lives and jump start careers, and they partner with local businesses and NGOs to bring international students, AIESEC members in another country, into the community to provide valuable skills to the workforce and to help that student experience the real life and culture of a new place. The executive positions and memberships are open for the upcoming semester. Please email me with your name, major, GPA, telephone number,netID and your intent to run for the executive board. Vice President, Secretary (Marketing, Exchange, Sales), treasurer and Ad Hoc Committee chairs and general members. Email me at Cell (929)-500-6369


  • Join Us at Our Next General Body Meeting

    We will be having our Next General Body Meeting on Wednesday, March 19th, starting 5:00 P.M. in MSC 2709. As usual, there will be free pizza and an awesome guest speaker! Our guest speaker will be an interventional cardiologist. Also, come hear about how you can become a Pre-Med AMSA officer next year! -Hope to see you there!

  • Run for Water 5K

    Hey everyone! My name is Anastasia Belock and for my senior thesis I'm raising money for Living Water International. This organization provides towns with safe drinking water through wells, rainwater harvesters, and protected springs. They also help the towns by educating them on hygiene and sanitation. I have organized a 5K run/walk race that will be on Saturday, April 5, 2014 at 9am on the USF fitness trail starting on USF Sycamore Drive. For more information please follow the link. I'm also looking for volunteers! If you would like to volunteer, please email me at

    Link: Run for Water 5K Website

  • Bulls Service Breaks Board Applications are NOW OPEN

    Are you passionate about service? Do you want to contribute to a deeper understanding of social issues, diversity, service and community? If so, apply to be on the Bulls Service Breaks board! As a BSB Board Member, you have the great opportunity to help plan for these dynamic service experiences and gain skills in: Event Planning, Budgeting, Fundraising, Recruitment & Marketing, Training & Facilitation and much more! The positions we have available are: -Marketing Coordinator -Fundraising Coordinator -Recruitment & Retention Coordinator -Domestic Site Developer (3 positions available) -International Site Developer Applications are due March 30th! Applications can be found at:

  • USF Medical volunteer trip to Ecuador

    Timmy Global Health at USF will be traveling to the remote region of Chontapunta, Ecuador on August 10-19th to provide healthcare to underserved regions in the Napo River Valley. 

    The trip falls between the Summer and Fall semesters and provides USF undergraduate and graduate students the unique opportunity to experience the Amazon and gain valuable volunteer and shadowing hours.

    Join Timmy Global Health at USF on Facebook and Canvas for more information, or email Trip applications are available.

    Link: Timmy Global Health

  • Social Media Advertising Internship

    Dr. Apostolatos at USFConnect is looking for a student with advertising skills and a knowledge of social media. This opportunity can be a great resume boost. Interested students should send an email to Morgan Sanders at The email should include resume, and the students experience using Facebook, Twitter, etc.

If you would like to be included in future editions of "Know-a-BULL News", articles may be submitted for consideration to Dr. Silverman through the submission form. Submissions should be brief and well written. Links should be JPG images or PDFs.

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