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Week of 03/23/2009 - Issue # 55

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At a Glance

Upcoming Events

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 3/26/2009 HCSC A Night in Vegas
 3/27/2009 6th Colloquium: Carmen
 4/2/2009 Meet Judy Lisi, President and CEO of the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
 4/3/2009 HCSC Relay for Life
 4/3/2009 7th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium
 4/13/2009 Brunch with Tampa Mayor, Pam Iorio
 4/17/2009 Seventh Colloquium: Student Dance Production
 4/24/2009 Thesis Presentation Day
 4/27/2009 HCSC Finals Breakfast
* "Freshpeople 5 Events"

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Honors College

Dean's Update:

    Because Thesis is the cornerstone of the Honors College experience, we have established Thesis Day, when students are given the opportunity to present their theses in a public forum, either orally or by poster.

    All graduating students and those who are currently enrolled in the first semester of thesis are required to attend at least one of the 1.5 hour sessions during the day. Each session also counts as a Freshpeople 5 event.

    This semester, Thesis Day will be Friday, April 24. The event will take place from 9 AM until 4 PM. Oral presentations will be 15-20 minutes. PowerPoint presentations are permitted but not required. A 10-15 minute discussion will follow. Poster presenters will be with their posters for one 1.5 hour session. If you are selected to do a poster, we will offer advice on its production.

    All sessions will take place in SVC classrooms; the posters will be displayed in the Honors Lounge.

    Link: Thesis Day Registration Form

  • Somethin's a brewin'. Good things might happen to respondents!


    I'm interested in talking to any Honors College student who spends a significant amount of their time engaged in online social communities (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.) or playing and discussing developments in video games or downloading online music.

    If this describes you and you'd be willing to talk to me about these things, please send me an e-mail at If it describes someone you know, please mention this e-mail to them.

    Many thanks,

    Dr. John Omlor

  • Fall Thesis

    If you are starting your thesis this fall, it is not too early to start thinking about your topic and your mentor. Please review the thesis handbook for further information, and make an appointment with Dr. Kleine or Dr. Yavneh for help in finding a mentor.

    Link: Honors thesis info

  • FreshPeople5 requirement

    Please remember that the year is almost over and you have only a few weeks to complete the FreshPeople5 requirement. Check out the events listed in the newsletter and those on the website and sign up now.

  • Personal Statement Workshop for Med or Dental School Applications - This Thurs at 3pm

    Thursday, March 26, BSF 100 with Dr. Melvin James
    At the Admissions Essay and Personal Statement Workshop you can learn the answers to such important questions as:
    - What is the difference between a Personal Statement and an Admissions Essay?
    - What makes a Personal Statement a good Personal Statement?
    - What steps can I take to write a good personal statement?
    - What are the pitfalls that could doom my application?

  • Pharmacy Info Session: March 26 at 6 PM, CWY 107

    Kevin Sneed, PharmD, the Clinical Director and Assistant Dean of the USF Health Division of Clinical Pharmacy wants to talk to undergraduates about the many opportunities in the field of pharmacy. This is a great chance to learn more about pharmacy in general and hear any updates regarding USF's future pharmacy program (not much info is available yet but Dr. Sneed will tell you what he knows). Interested? Come to CWY 107 on Thursday, March 26 from 6 - 7 PM. If you are not familiar with the CWY building, it is also known as Bill Young Hall, the Military Leadership Center, and is the new building on Maple near the Rec Center, across from the SOC building.

  • An Evening with: Judy Lisi, CEO of Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center

    Did you ever wonder what it is like to run a major performing arts center? Why do some shows come to Tampa and others do not? Who determines what shows are brought to Tampa? Why is there very little ballet in Tampa? Why does the Florida Orchestra not get the best dates? What is it like to head a performing arts center and how does one prepare for that kind of career?

    You can ask Judy Lisi these and many other questions as she appears in our Evening with ... series hosted by Frank Morsani (have you ever been to the Morsani Hall at TBPAC?) at 4PM on Thursday, April 2 in the Lounge. Please RSVP.

  • Need some quick money?

    A private school in Lutz is holding a casino night fund raiser at the school on
    May 16, and we're looking to hire about 10 students to help out.

    "We'd need them to do light serving (passing hors d's, maybe staffing a hot table), and some on-the-fly cleanup (tossing discarded cups, etc.)

    We'll provide each student with a shirt, a ton of food, and $9.00 in cash per hour of work.

    We'd need the students from 6-midnight."

    If interested, email Deborah at

  • 6th Colloquium: Carmen

    You will have a chance to see the Director of Opera work with the cast to make the show the very best. You will have a chance to question the cast and Director as well.

    Time: 1:00 - 2:30 Location: Theatre 1
    Won Cho, Director of Opera, and students will discuss one of the most famous operas Carmen.Scenes from Opera with Orchestra.

    RSVP Required? Yes
    "Freshpeople 5" Event? Yes
    RSVP on the Website

    Link: Honors Calendar

  • New Scholarship for Honors Business Majors

    $2,000 Scholarship and Career Networking Opportunity - Deadline to apply April 15th.

    Two Honors College students majoring in Business will be awarded the Grocery Manufacturers Representatives Endowed Scholarship (GMR) of $2,000. This is also an excellent vehicle to network with potential employers as wide arrays of businesses are involved. Please be a full-time Junior or Senior by fall 2009 with a minimum GPA of 3.3 and an interest in consumer goods or the food industry. A one-paragraph essay explaining your interest/qualifications of no more than 250 words is requested on the Honors College Scholarship Application available at the link below.

    Link: Here is the application

  • Health Professions Students - HPAC Committee Letter Application Now Available

    The 2009 application cycle for a Committee Letter of Recommendation packet from USF's Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) is now open. Check out the new website for information about this service, what it can do to enhance your competitiveness, and links to the committee letter application, waiver and recommendation forms you will need to apply. The application period for HPAC runs from March 1 - April 30. If you are applying to medical or dental school, or any other health professions program this year which recommends a Committee Letter, this service will combine your separate letters of recommendation with a highly personalized evaluation and recommendation from your undergraduate institution. Special workshops corresponding to the health professions application process will also be offered this semester for those participating in the HPAC process.

    Link: HPAC Website

  • Registration Premits

    PERMITS: Honors College students will need permits for the following courses: IDH 4000 (Major Works/Major Issues) and IDH 5975 (Honors Thesis) first AND second semester.

    To apply for a permit, please go to the Honors website, click on Online forms. The Permit Request form is for all courses except Thesis. Please remember: students who are double-majors will need permits for all of their Honors courses!

    For Thesis, please fill out the Thesis Registration Request Form. Those requesting registration for the first semester of thesis should have 90 credits after this semester. If you are requesting registration for the second semester of thesis, you must have already turned in your Prospectus and passed the quiz on Blackboard.

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USF Honors College Student Council

  • A Night in Vegas!

    Come join the Honors Council for A Night in Vegas! March 26th, 6:30-9:00pm. Tickets are $5 Pre-Sale in SVC 1101 or at the door. There will be dancing, a live DJ, poker and free food!

  • Honors Council Meeting Times

    General Meetings: Thursdays 5-6pm in the Lounge.
    Events: Wed 10:05-10:45am in the Lounge

    The following will meet in The Honors College Lounge:
    Student Development: Wednesday 10:45-11:15am
    Advertising: Monday 4-4:30pm
    Volunteer: Monday 3-4pm

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