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Week of 03/24/2008 - Issue # 5   

Upcoming Events

  • 03/24/2008 (Monday) - Thesis Day Registration Form DEADLINE - (Honors College Web site)

  • 3/31/2008 (Monday) 12:15 - Lunch with Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio - (Honors Lounge) RSVP

  • 4/1/2008 (Tuesday) 12:30 PM - Pizza with the Provost -  (Honors Lounge) RSVP

  • 4/2/2008 (Wednesdays) 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Undergraduate Research Symposium - (Stabile Research Building).

  • 4/3/2008 (Thursday) 11:45 - 1:00 PM - Faculty-Student Lunch (SVC 1088) RSVP

  • 4/8/2008 (Tuesday) 11:45 - 1:00 PM - Faculty-Student Lunch (SVC 1088) RSVP

  • 4/25/2008 (Friday) 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM - Thesis Day - (SVC 1088)


Honors College

Dean's Update:

Do you know that your Honors College has the only honors college Research Major in the country?  This is a program patterned after the Ph.D. and is one that you help design.  If you are going to graduate or professional school and you’d like an experience that might really give you a “leg-up” when you apply, this could be just the thing to consider.

The Honors College Research Major (HCRM) is designed primarily for Honors College (HC) students preparing for graduate or professional school, although it would be available to other HC students as well.  The HCRM allows you to select 2 areas of study in which you are interested in and work intensively and independently with 3 faculty members of your choosing, in each area.  Generally, you will spend most of the HCRM doing research and little or no time in classes.  In some ways, this is the most highly personal education you can get and I would highly recommend it.   

The HCRM is designed to be a second major. That is, in order to have an HCRM, a student would need to complete all requirements of a regularly offered USF major. (Credits = 30-36).  The HCRM would add about 20 credits to your overall program and, for many, could fall within the credits needed for graduation.  Please contact Dr. Silverman if you are interested.

  • Important Registration Information

    1. The Biology Department has cancelled Anatomy & Physiology (BSC 2093C and BSC 2094C) for the upcoming academic year. If you were planning to enroll in these courses and need assistance in selecting substitutions, please contact a Departmental or Honors College advisor.

    2. The Chemistry Department is currently reviewing Organic I lab times in an effort to accommodate students planning to enroll in both Biology II/lab (BSC 2011/2011L) and Organic Chemistry I/lab (CHM 2210/2210L) in Fall 2008. Until the schedule is finalized, students should plan to register for BSC 2011/2011L and CHM 2210, and keep checking OASIS for potential time adjustments for Organic I labs. It is preferable, but not required, for students to complete CHM 2210 and CHM 2210L in the same semester.

  • 3. The College of Public Health has not yet finalized their Fall 2008 schedule. Over the next few weeks, keep checking OASIS for updates about course offerings.

  • Two more exciting opportunities are available to interested Honors College students to interact with faculty members under the Faculty-Student Lunch Program. 
    • First, Dr. Cheryl L. Kirstein will be the featured faculty member on Thursday, April 3, 11:45 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.  Dr. Kirstein is Professor of Psychology and Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship in the College of Arts and Sciences.  Her research interests focus on neuroscience, development of addiction, drugs of abuse, and psychopharmacology.

    • Second, Dr. E. Christian Wells will be the featured faculty member on Tuesday, April 8, 11:45 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.  Dr. Wells is Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Graduate Director in the Department of Anthropology.  His research interests focus on archaeology, economic anthropology, cultural soilscapes, rural development, sustainable agriculture, quantitative and formal methods, Mesoamerica, Central America, and American Southwest.

    • The first eight students to RSVP will have the opportunity to join the featured faculty members for lunch.  Those students will receive a separate confirmation e-mail with the details for the activity.  Please respond to Ivan Lapuka at  In your response, please indicate which faculty member you would like to join for lunch and whether or not you currently have a USF meal plan.  The Honors College will cover the cost of the lunch for those students who do not have a meal plan.

  • Permits: Permits are required for all students registering for Thesis, and for some students registering for other Honors courses. All permits are now filled out electronically.
  • Because Thesis is the cornerstone of the Honors College experience, we have established Thesis Day, wherein students are given the opportunity to present their theses in a public forum. 

    If you are completing your thesis this semester you must fill out the Thesis Day Submission Form which you can find on the Honors College web site by clicking on “Forms”.  This must be returned by March 24.

    All graduating students are expected to attend at least one of the 1 ½ hour sessions during the day, whether or not they are presenting that day.  In addition, all students enrolled in first semester thesis are expected to attend at least two sessions.  Each 1 ½ hour session counts as a Freshpeople 5 event.

    This semester, Thesis Day will be Friday, April 25th, from 9 AM until 4 PM. Each student will present for 15-20 minutes. PowerPoint presentations are permitted but not required. A 10-15 minute discussion will follow each presentation.

    Since there are more students completing their theses than can be accommodated on Thesis Day, we will select a representative sample to be presented.

    Typically the audience consists of other Honors College students, friends, parents and faculty mentors. The presentation is “formal”; the audience is supportive. We will provide time and place details as the semester progresses.

    If your mentor and committee member can come to the presentation, this will count as the required public presentation; if not, you will need to present to your committee as well.

    Please remember that our goal is to “show” off your thesis work; we want Thesis day to be a rewarding experience for those who present.

  • Fall Course descriptions are now posted on Blackboard.  If you are a declared double major, please submit your Honors course permit requests and Thesis registration.

  • Some of you have been published in professional journals.  If so, I would like a reprint of the publication(s) for The Honors College.  Please let me have your reprints as soon as possible.

  • Lunch with the Mayor” will occur on Monday, March 31 from 12:15-1:30 in the Honors Lounge.  Tampa Mayor and USF graduate Pam Iorio will join us for an informal hour of conversation.  Spots will go quickly so RSVP to Ms. Field:

    This is not a Freshpeople five event but, of course, all students are welcome.  If you attend you must be prepared to ask at least one good question. 

  • Pizza with the Provost” will take place on Tuesday, April 1 from 12:30-1:30 in the Honors Lounge.  The Provost of the University is second in command at USF and also carries the title “Senior Vice President”.  Dr. Wilcox is responsible for all academic programs at USF and a budget of several hundred million dollars.  This is your opportunity to meet the boss and talk about USF, education in Florida and beyond and any other topics in which you might be interested. Spots will go quickly so RSVP to Ms. Field:

    • This is a Freshpeople 5 event.  If you attend you must be prepared to ask at least one good question.

  • Maria Brachowicz, one of our own Honors College students was recently featured in the Tampa Tribune.
(813) 974-3087


RED - National Fellowships

  • E-mail Mr. Mejias,, to be enrolled in Resources for Educational Distinction’s BlackBoard site!  Be the first to get news on scholarships, fellowships, and other unique opportunities!!
(813) 974-3087



  • Undergraduate Research Symposium, APR 2, 2008 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM: We hope to see you all at this year’s symposium at the Stabile Research Building.  Come support your peers as they present their terrific research!  Volunteers are still needed for the event. 

    • Please contact Cristiane Carvahlo-Keetch at if you are available.  Lunch will be provided for volunteers.
(813) 974-6824


HCSC - Honors College Student Council

  • Don't forget about the following Honors Council's upcoming event!

    • Spring Picnic and Field Day
      Sunday, March 30 at Fowler Fields
      Come out for some free food and watch the field day competitions!

    • Art Social
      Thursday, Arpil 3 at Graphicstudio
      7:00-9:00 PM
      Complimentary buffet, music and fun!
      RSVP to Noel Smith by April 1

HCSC Schedule:
General Meeting: Thursdays 4:00 PM (SVC 1101)

Academic Committee: Mondays 2:00 - 3:00 PM
Advertising Committee: Wednesdays 12:00 - 12:45 PM
Events Committee: Thursdays 12:30 - 1:30 PM
Volunteer Committee: Fridays 1:00 - 2:00 PM
(813) 974-3087


Student Submissions

  • Job:    We are looking to hire a part-time telephone interviewer (12-20 hours per week) to work late afternoon/evening hours (~4pm to 8pm) for a NCI-funded study examining risk factors for glioma (malignant brain tumors).  The position would involve screening potential participants by telephone and administering telephone interviews. Requirements for the position include people skills, phone etiquette, interviewing skills, and a basic understanding of research. 

  • Job:    The Academic Computing Help Desk provides general computing, email, networking, Blackboard and software support to the University community via telephone, e-mail, chat and one-on-one. Read more about Academic Computing.

    • Student consultant positions at the Help Desk provide a valuable opportunity to strengthen professional and interpersonal skills as well as computing abilities. We are looking for individuals with excellent customer service skills and knowledge of computers.

    • You should have a moderate amount of technical experience and troubleshooting ability. Some of our student consultants say it's a dream job: relaxed, fun environment, independence, and good pay. We work around your class schedule, and if you live on campus, it just doesn't get any easier than walking 2 minutes to work. The catch, of course, is that these are very selective positions: your current computer literacy has to be high and you must enjoy helping people.

    • If you enjoy troubleshooting technical problems and working with people, we encourage you to apply, please visit:

    • The State Of Taste, a two-day international conference is taking place on March   28–29 at the University of South Florida. --View the Flyer--

    • Discover all there is to know about taste in all its forms -from style and fashion, to food, interior design, architecture, literature, fine arts, beauty and plastic surgery, with speakers from France, Belgium, China, Russia, Italy, Canada and the US.

    • Open to the public, free admission. Visitors' Parking: $4/day on Friday; free on Saturday. Co-sponsored by USF World Languages Department, USF at Lakeland, Central Economic Development, Alliance Française de Tampa, the English Language Institute, Pelagia Restaurant, and French Consulate in Miami, among others including the Humanities Institute.

      Friday March 28, 2008: Grace Allen Room (Library 4th floor), 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
      Saturday, March 29, 2008: Teco Room, College of Education): 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

  • UNICEF estimates that there are about 1.5 million orphaned children in Tanzania.***
  • BY YOUR SIDE Presents:
    The AIDS & AFRICA Student Fundraiser Event

    When: 7p-11p on April 3rd 2008
    Where:  the Marshall Center Ballroom

    Performances from Campoiera and the USF Step Team
    DJ Pallas
    TONS of food
    Live Band
    FREE T-shirts

    Tickets: $10 in advance and $12 at the door

    Tickets go on sale this Tuesday, March 18 at the BY YOUR SIDE General Meeting @ 5:30p in MC 101
    OR Visit for upcoming alternative ticket purchase dates and times.

    ***For more information on
    AIDS & AFRICA : Project Tanzania visit our web site at

    Tiny Too


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