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Week of 04/20/2009 - Issue # 59

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Upcoming Events

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 4/24/2009 Thesis Presentation Day
 4/28/2009 April 28th performance of 'Waistwatchers: The Musica'l
 4/28/2009 HCSC Finals Breakfast
 5/1/2009 Honors College Graduation
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Honors College

Dean's Update:

  • New Fall Course for Health Professions Students

    IDH 4930-005 Selected Topics: Preparing for and Succeeding in a Health Professions Program
    Instructor: Dr. Jose Beltran, DMD, MD
    Fall 2009: Thursdays from 4:10-5:00pm

    Dr. Jose Beltran is an Honors College alum who earned his dental degree at Harvard University and medical degree at the University of Texas. He will be teaching this one-credit seminar to assist students in preparing for programs in the health professions. Topics will include, but are not limited to: preparing an academic resume, the application process (including how to write a personal statement and how students can effectively communicate their role in extracurricular activities and research), preparing for interviews (mock interviews will be incorporated), how to approach standardized tests, the importance of letters of recommendation, and what happens once students receive acceptances.

    In order to be considered for this seminar, students must have junior-standing and be following a health professions track. Permits must be submitted through the Honors College website.

  • Summer Engineering/Science Internship - Draper Laboratory, Inc.

    2 positions available - 40 hours per week
    June 1st - August 1st
    The Draper BioMEMS Center at USF seeks Biomedical Engineering interns for the summer of 2009 with an interest in supporting applied research and development projects in the field of biotechnology. Interns will be responsible for developing laboratory protocols, performing laboratory research, and/or designing, building and testing laboratory devices, prototypes and apparatus.
    Qualifications: Undergraduate or Graduate status in Biomedical Engineering, Microbiology or related field. Laboratory experience in one or more areas of cell culture, molecular biology, or microbiology required. Hands-on experience with micro-fluidic devices, microfabrication, or biotechnology systems desirable. Strong communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a team environment required. Flexibility to multi-task and adapt to changing technologies is a must. Candidate must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident (Green Card).
    Apply at
    Job ID: 2687
    Job Title: Mechanical Engineering Summer Intern
    Location: Tampa, FL

  • April 28th performance of Waistwatchers: the Musical

    Courtesy of Judy Lisi, TBPAC is providing the Honors College with up to 15 tickets to see the Tuesday, April 28th performance of "Waistwatchers: the Musical." The cabaret-style performance is in the Jaeb Theatre at 7:30.

    Link: RSVP

  • Graphicstudio Voting

    Exercise your right to vote! You get to choose which artworks from the Graphicstudio collection will be shown in the Honors College. Please pick up a voting ballot from the Honors College and return it to the ballot box located in the Honors College front office. The 5 works with the most votes will be shown in the Honors College for the Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 semesters. Voting starts Monday, April 13th and ends Friday, May 1st.

    Link: For more information on Graphicstudio, click here

  • Delay the Real World

    Delaying the Real World Fellowship
    We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for the DRTW Fellowship 2009,the award is $5,000

    Deadline: May 30, 2009

    Tell us what YOU would do if you could postpone the 9-5 grind, and we just might make your dreams for adventure come true. Apply for the Delaying the Real World Fellowship and you're in the running for a $5,000 grant for your very own bold, exhilarating, and fulfilling adventure. For suggested adventures and inspiration, check out Delaying the Real World by Colleen Kinder at

    Note: The Delaying the Real World fellowship is designed to sponsor an adventurous project that is independent of academic and religious institutions.

    Qualifications: Ages 21 through 29, and a U.S. citizen.

    Eligible applicants must use the online application form at to propose a gutsy and worthwhile adventure in the spirit of Delaying the Real World and the young adventurers who fill the book. There is no time length requirement on your adventure, though the fellowship committee will take into account how well your proposed idea maximizes the $5,000 grant.


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The Office of Undergraduate Research

  • Nutrition REU Application Deadline Extended to April 29!

    For those of you interested in the Summer Nutrition REU, the deadline has been extended until April 29.
    The REU provides interdisciplinary training in clinical nutrition and offers students a unique opportunity to perform research in USF's College of Medicine and the laboratories at the College of Arts and Sciences. Students will work under the mentorship of professors in one or both of the institutes and are encouraged to continue their research projects in preparation for undergraduate thesis or graduate program. This REU curriculum is designed to introduce students to the principals of human clinical nutrition, and the application of biochemical, physiological and pathological aspects of nutrition in disease prevention and treatment. In Dr. Mercer's online class, students will learn the role of nutrition in the maintenance of physical and mental well-being on a cellular, body, individual, family and societal level and evaluate nutritional adequacy of individual food consumption using common methods of dietary description and analysis - nutrition standard. Special attention will be given to the obesity epidemic and the consequences of malnutrition.

    Each student will complete a research proposal in partial fulfillment of the requirements for TWO courses and present a report on that research at the REU's concluding colloquium, in July, 2009.

    To apply:
    -Submit a letter including your name, full contact information, major, and expected date of graduation.
    -Describe prior research experience, previous mentors, and any resulting abstracts or publications.
    -One letter of recommendation from a faculty member familiar with your qualifications. The letter should be sent directly to the Office of Undergraduate Research.
    -A letter (or an email) from one of the prospective faculty members of the research program indicating their willingness to act as your research mentor.
    Please direct all questions to Ms. Schumacher at or Ms. Carlton at
    Applications are due to the Office of Undergraduate Research by April 29.

  • Research Position Available for Undergraduate Student

    An investigator at Moffitt Cancer Center working at the Department of Experimental Therapeutics is looking for undergraduate student to join their lab. Potential candidate should be majoring in biology and desire to do cancer research. He/she would preferably be in his/her sophomore year now. It is possible to volunteer in the lab. However at the moment there is a part-time position of research assistant open so this position could be filled with a bright undergraduate student willing to advance cancer research. Interested students should contact Julia Nefedova at

  • Part Time Research Assistant Needed

    Moffitt Cancer Center Wet lab looking for a part time research assistant. Position starts at $9.20 per hour.
    Job Description:
    Assumes the responsibility of assisting biological, basic, behavioral or social science research within the specified research program and has responsibility to the faculty of the specified research program.
    Technically responsible for the collection, organization and permanent documentation of data in physical and electronic formats as directed by immediate supervisor.
    Responsible for data analysis using standardized procedures and protocols and under direct supervision.
    Maintains laboratory equipment in a clean and working order, including performing instrument standardization documented by written report.
    Please contact Judy Bialk at if you are interested.

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USF Honors College Student Council

  • Honors Council Meeting Times

    General Meetings: Thursdays 5-6pm in the Lounge.
    Events: Wed 10:05-10:45am in the Lounge

    The following will meet in The Honors College Lounge:
    Student Development: Wednesday 10:45-11:15am
    Advertising: Monday 4-4:30pm
    Volunteer: Monday 3-4pm

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Student Submissions

  • ASME Tour: ValPak Robotics

    When: Friday April 24th at 12:00 PM
    Where: ValPak Processing Facility (St. Petersburg)

    Who: Any student interested in robotics or Engineering.

    For security purposes an RSVP list is mandatory. Contact if you are interested.

    Dress Code: Long sleeves, long pants, close- toed shoes.

    Link: USF ASME Email

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