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Week of 04/28/2008 - Issue # 10  

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At a Glance

Upcoming Events

  • 05/02/2008 (Friday) - Honors College Graduation (Traditions Hall - Alumni Center)
    • Reception # 1: 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
      Graduation # 1: 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

    • Reception # 2: 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM
      Graduation # 2: 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

  • 05/12/2008 (Monday) - First Day of Classes, Summer A and C
  • 05/13/2008 (Tuesday) 2:00 PM - Thesis Workshop (SVC 1040 Student Lounge)
  • 05/14/2008 (Wednesday) 10:00 AM - Thesis Workshop (SVC 1040 Student Lounge)
  • 05/26/2008 (Monday) - USF Closed - Memorial Day

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Honors College

  • Dean's Update:

    It’s hard to believe that another semester and another year are almost “history”! This one has gone by very quickly, as have the 21 years I’ve served as Director and now Dean of Honors.  I have been particularly impressed with a number of things this year and I wanted to take a moment to tell you about them.

    You have again distinguished yourselves in a variety of ways.  Thesis day was spectacular with more “professional” caliber presentations than I could ever have imagined.  An increasing number of you have gotten into the best, most prestigious medical, law, dental and graduate schools.  The jobs you have been offered are absolutely wonderful.  More of you than ever before have GPAs over 3.3, over 3.5, over 3.7 and over 3.9. This is the first year of the Grace Allen Honors College/Library Scholar program and 11 students will have their theses published on the worldwide web.  Five students are to be recognized as the first USF Undergraduate Scholars, excelling in research, global experience and service.  Two students this year have been recognized as the “Outstanding Senior” at graduation and more than a handful have earned the King-O’Neal 4.0 Scholar designation.  What amazes me about all of this that your accomplishments come as full-time students who work and manage various family responsibilities; you are not, in the main, students who go to school and do nothing else! 

    The research you have presented at the Undergraduate Research Symposium and at national conferences is the equal of what the best students in the country have done.  You have won College, University and other awards at a greater rate than ever before.  Your talents in music, film making, dancing and the arts are just wonderful.

    I am impressed with the thousands of hours you donate to community agencies, your houses of worship and the University.  Many of you make what you “touch” better than how you found it.  You demonstrate amazing creativity in your academic activities.  I see this clearly in your seminar projects and in your theses.  You have published more papers in professional journals and presented more papers at national, regional and state conferences this year than ever before.  I am impressed with the creative writing projects you have completed, the art shows at which you have shown your work and the music recitals at which you have performed.  You are a good, talented, bright group of human beings whom I am proud to know.

    Next year, take advantage of the opportunity to go to conferences to present your research, enter our research contest, come to our picnics and parties, look into the national scholarships, join our band and enjoy making music with friends.  There is much that you can do now which will be harder to do later on. 

    I hope you have a great summer.  Be productive, relax, have fun, get away.  Do the things you dream of; don’t wait too long to follow your hearts.  Know that we are here should you need anything.  I look forward to seeing you in the fall. 

    To those of you who are graduating, you have my best wishes for success and happiness.  I truly hope that all your dreams are realized, your lives are filled with joy and good health and that you help to make the lives of others better.  Please keep in touch with Honors and let me know how you are doing.  I really do care.  Please remember that those who came before you helped you with scholarships, internships and all of the “extras” you received as Honors College students; please remember to help those who will come after you.  Farewell!


  • Thesis Workshops

    Are you beginning your Thesis this summer?  If so, you must attend one of the following Thesis workshops in the Lounge at which we will prepare you for the task ahead and answer whatever questions you might have.  Attendance is required.

    Tuesday, May 13 at 2 PM
    Wednesday, May 14 at 10 AM

  • Honors Graduation

    If you are graduating this semester and wish to attend our Honors Graduation Ceremony you must turn in the proper paperwork to Mr. Liu no later than Thursday.  He will also take your picture for the ceremony.  Your family and the staff of Honors College really want to see you graduate so I would strongly recommend that you attend.  Details are in the letter we sent you some weeks ago.

  • USF Undergraduate Scholars

    The strategic plan of the University of South Florida seeks to expand world-class interdisciplinary research, creative and scholarly endeavors and to expand local and global engagement initiatives.  The Undergraduate Scholars program adds depth to students' University of South Florida academic experience.  It is designed to help students apply academic learning to real-life issues and problems through faculty supervised research.  This innovative program seeks to encourage students to engage in meaningful service and to ‘connect’ to the global community.  The University Scholars program recognizes students who fulfill the University goals of community engagement, undergraduate research, and global citizenship on both transcript and diploma.

    For more information, contact Mr. Mejias at

  • Spring 2008 Grace Allen Scholars

    It is our very great pleasure to announce the inaugural cohort of USF’s Honors College Grace Allen Scholars.  The outstanding research conducted by each of these students has led their distinguished mentors to nominate them for this singular honor:

    • Steven Bardales
      Breaking Tradition
      Mentor: Dr. John Omlor

    • Inna Federenko
      Estrogen Receptors Interact with p53 in Lung Cancer
      Mentor: Dr. Tatyana Zhukov

    • Rachelle Hostetler
      Historic Architecture of Temple Terrace: How Living Spaces Reflect the Zeitgeist of the Age, 1920-1958.
      Mentor: Dr. Priscilla Brewer

    • Elicia Kimble
      Rummaging through Rubbish: Analysis of Feature 4 at Yon Mound and Village Site (8Li2)
      Mentor: Dr. Nancy Marie White

    • Marta Klisinksa
      Visual Outcomes After Instrastromal Corneal Ring Segment (Intacs) Implantation for Keratoconus
      Mentor: Dr. Bruce W. Anderson

    • Daniel MacLea IV
      The Athletic Trainer as a Shaman in American Athletics
      Mentor: Dr. Pradeep Vanguri

    • Sabrina McCormick
      Ultrasound Analysis of Velar-Vowel Coarticulation: The Application of EdgeTrak Software
      Mentor: Dr. Stefan A. Frisch

    • Opal Raj
      The Advantages and Disadvantages of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
      Mentor: Dr. Gwendolyn Quinn

    • Jared Reites
      The Correlation between Childhood Obesity and Type II Diabetes in the Youth Population
      Mentor: Dr. Pradeep Vanguri

    • Martha Walter
      The Relationship between parents' self-efficacy and Satisfaction with Mental Health Services and the Psychological Function of their Child.
      Mentor: Dr. Krista Kutash

    • Crystal Wilson
      Attitudes Toward the Use of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis for BRACA1/2 Mutations Among Concerned Women.
      Mentor: Dr. Gwendolyn Quinn

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  • IDH 4930 Narrative Filmmaking  will be offered in the Fall Semester !
    What ?    86002 IDH 4930-005;  2 cr.  hrs  Honors elective, S/U grades
    Who ?     Taught by four prize-winning Honors students.
    When ?   Wednesdays 5 - 7 p.m.
    Where ?  Honors Lounge. 

    By permit only. For permits, visit

     An overview of the elements of narrative filmmaking, including screenwiritng, pre-production, production, and post-production. Students will learn essential techniques and skills, then
    collaboratively undertake their own film projects.

    Your instructors:

    Jesse Newman is currently an Interdisciplinary Social Sciences major at the University of South Florida and employee at The Apple Store in Tampa. He has produced a library of short films over the course of 7 years; many of which have received awards from film festivals around the country. Such awards include "Best Overall Film" at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, "Best Screenplay" at the Daytona Beach Film Festival, and "Best Drama" from the Tampa Film Review. Jesse has written, directed, shot, and edited the majority of his films and has taken acting roles in several. Jesse has aspirations to direct major motion pictures for the theaters.
    Sarah Wilson is a junior Telecommunications major, and has been creating films, PSAs, videos for clients, and commercials for the past four years. Her works have been featured in and received awards in multiple film festivals such as the Independents Film Festival, Gasparilla Film Festival, and Central Florida Film Festival.  Recently, Sarah placed first in a nation wide video contest sponsored by Bridgestone Americas, and her film "Focus", which she co-directed with senior Jesse Newman, received multiple Best Picture honors and is among the top 20 films in the nation for the Campus Movie Fest competition.
    Dan Nguyen is a second-year Bio-Medical Sciences major. His pastimes include making short films, studying, insomniac voting, and being absolutely amazing. Also, he likes red jellybeans.
    Joyce Yong is a first-year Bio-Medical Sciences major in the 7-Year Medical Program. Her experience in film has been informal and self-taught - hence her enthusiasm for experimentation and eagerness to explore new possibilities. Her most recent involvement with short-film production involved composing original music and sound-editing for Andy Nguyen's Total Run Time, as well as audio-editing for Dan Nguyen's Mobile. Both shorts have won numerous awards in Campus Movie Fest 2008, ranked among the top three movies at USF, top 16 in Florida (Mobile winning Best Comedy), and are currently being judged nationally. Creativity and Experience are the passions that fuel her life - extensively expressed in music, digital graphic design and photography, scavenger hunts, mysterious note-planting, and of course, writing about herself in third person.

  • Major Works/Major Issues presentation on health care:

Major Works/Issues

  • Student Publications

    Some of you have been published in professional journals.  If so, I would like a reprint of the publication(s) for The Honors College.  Please let me have your reprints as soon as possible.

  • Honors Research Major Tammy Cornelius presents her research on Thesis Day :

Thesis Day Spring 2008

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RED - National Fellowships

  • E-mail Mr. Mejias,, to be enrolled in Resources for Educational Distinction’s BlackBoard site!  Be the first to get news on scholarships, fellowships, and other unique opportunities!

  • Onsite Field Engineer Internships
    Big Sur Technologies, Inc. is seeking Field Engineer Interns to assist with our small to medium size business customers.  Candidates will:
    1. assist our customers with support from desktop to datacenter
    2. install hardware, software (antivirus, office applications, etc) and provide configuration and ongoing support

    Preferred skills include PC and Network Troubleshooting within but not limited to the following areas; TCP/IP, networking, desktops, laptops, memory, hubs, switches, printers, wireless, and more.  

    Must be willing to diversify skills, and travel to local customers.  Travel is reimbursed @ .38 a mile when traveling from our office to a customer’s site and back, not from home or school to our office.

    Candidates will have the opportunity for ongoing career enhancement via diversifying skills into other areas.  Internships could lead to full-time employment.  Contact Mr. Mejias for more information.

  • City Fellowships for students of color in Business/Economics:
    Are you a young minority financier looking for a way to transform your career? The City Fellowships can help you. They offer a unique opportunity to get in-depth knowledge of global markets with Goldman Sachs, the world's top investment bank, in the City of London, the world's most international financial services center. As the Economist commented recently, "The City of London is globalisation in action handling more of the world's deals in over the counter derivatives, global foreign equities, eurobonds and foreign exchange than any other financial centre." The programme was inspired by the Rt. Hon. Lord Walker of Worcester, Vice Chairman of Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, and former Secretary of State for Wales. The programme was co-founded by Mr. Oliver Franklin and Dr. Ray Raymond in 1993. The aims of the City Fellowship programme are:
    • to enable young American minority financiers to get experience and knowledge of global capital markets with Goldman Sachs;
    • to offer outstanding young minority financiers the opportunity to join Goldman Sachs;
    • to strengthen Anglo-American financial relations.

    For more information, contact Mr. Mejias.

  • Campus deadlines for 2009 competitions:

    Sept 10: Rhodes (graduate study at Oxford, )
                   Marshall (graduate study at UK Universities, )
                   Gates-Cambridge (graduate study at Cambridge, )
                   Mitchell (graduate study in Ireland, )

    Oct 1: Fulbright (study abroad, )
               Goldwater (graduate study in math, science or engineering, )

    Nov 1: Truman (graduate study in International Affairs,
                Carnegie Junior Fellows (international affairs,

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  • I'm the newly elected President of the Undergraduate Research Board and I wanted to let you know that UGRB is having a picnic on campus on Saturday April 26 from noon to 3.  We would like to see more Honors students involved in the organization this year. I'm attached a flier for the event.
    -=View the Flyer=-

    Thank you,

    Jenny Greene

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HCSC - Honors College Student Council

  • Tentative Honors Council Fall Schedule

    Hey everyone,

    Here is the tentative Honors Council fall schedule. Make sure to mark your calendars!

    Sept 9- First General Meeting
    Sept 14-
    Fall Picnic
    Sept 26- Dodge ball
    Oct 10- Camping
    Oct 25- Boys and Girls Club
    Week of November 3- Freshman Event
    Nov 17- Cards for Troops

    Also, the council will be having reappointments in November. If you are interested in applying for a leadership position, make sure you join the council and keep in mind the following dates.

    Nov 3- Applications available
    Week of Nov 11- Interviews
    Nov 21- Appointments announced by 5:00 PM 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at . Good luck to everyone with finals!

    Anthony Le
    Honors College Student Council President

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HCSC Schedule (REVISED FOR Fall 2008):
General Meeting: Tuesdays 4:00 PM (SVC 1101)

Academic Committee: TBA
Advertising Committee: TBA
Events Committee: TBA
Volunteer Committee: TBA
(813) 974-3087


Student Submissions

  • If you are interested in volunteering abroad, the Fulbright Program, or the Peace Corps, check out the website Adam King, an Honors student, created as a thesis project, for information :
  • The 2009 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences is scheduled on February 5 and 6.  The meeting will be held at the Flamingo Las Vegas - where we have met for the past two years. 

    The web site is being updated.  It is anticipated that it will be finished by the end of this month.

    This is one of few conferences which focuses on the social and behavioral sciences and which allows undergraduates to present their research.  Please contact me if you are interested.  As always, we will pay all of your expenses if you make a presentation. 

  • New course offering: GEB 4935

    Business Communication Internship (Peer Tutoring)

    Satisfies Professional Writing Requirement

    Earn credits and enhance your own communication skills!

    Business students with two to four semesters remaining and excellent writing skills can satisfy the 3-credit professional writing class requirement by training for and working as peer tutors in the College of Business's new writing center (opened Spring 2008). Training as a peer tutor (1 semester) will earn 2 credits toward graduation; working in the writing center the following semester will earn an additional 2 credits. For the third semester and beyond, continuing peer tutors with a 3.4 GPA or better will receive COB scholarships. The experience also looks great on the resume, as employers are eager to hire students with demonstrated writing skills.

    Interested students should contact Dr. Pat Nickinson, Director of the Business Communications Center, to arrange an interview, at

  • Education Expansion in Costa Rica!

    Students from a section of Major Works (IDH 4000) are collecting school supplies and technology of any kind to help develop the elementary school in Samara, Costa Rica. If you are cleaning out your dorm or apartment and are looking to get rid of old/unwanted school supplies please bring them to the Honors College office (SVC 1088) or call (813) 892-3372 to have them picked up. The project is also collecting used laptops to outfit the school with a new technology program. Please contact (727) 543-9640 or for further information.


If you would like to be included in future editions of "Know-a-BULL News", email submissions to Dr. Stuart Silverman at for consideration.

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