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Week of 05/08/2012 - Issue # 213

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 5/14/2012 Summer A&C: First Day
 5/16/2012 Fulbright Information Session
 5/28/2012 USF Closed: Memorial Day
 6/22/2012 Summer A: Last Day of Classes
 6/25/2012 Summer B: First Day
 7/4/2012 USF Closed: 4th of July
 8/3/2012 Summer B: Last Day of Classes
 8/4/2012 Summer Commencement
 8/27/2012 Fall 2012: First Day of Classes
 12/7/2012 Fall: Last day of Classes
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Honors College

Dean's Update:

    It’s hard to believe that another semester and another year are almost “history”!!  This one has gone by very quickly as have the 25(!!) years I’ve served as Director and Dean of Honors.  I have been particularly impressed with a number of things this year and I wanted to take a moment to tell you about them.

    You have again distinguished yourselves in a variety of ways.  An increasing number of you have gotten into the best, most prestigious medical, law, dental and graduate schools.  The jobs you have been offered are absolutely wonderful.  More of you than ever before have GPA’s over 3.3, over 3.5, over 3.7 and over 3.9.  What amazes me about this is that your accomplishments come as full-time students who work and manage various family responsibilities; you are not, in the main, students who go to school and do nothing else! 

    I am impressed with the thousands of hours you donate to community agencies, your houses of worship and the University.  You make what you “touch” better than how you found it.  You demonstrate amazing creativity in your academic activities.  I see this clearly in your seminar projects and in your theses.  You have published more papers in professional journals and presented more papers at national, regional and state conferences this year than ever before.  I am impressed with the creative writing projects you have completed, the art shows at which you have shown your work and the music recitals at which you have performed.  You are a good, talented, bright group of human beings whom I am proud to know.

    As I look back at the past year, a number of things stand out to me.  We had a great summer book for new students and all worked well.  470 freshpeople attended the fall convocation and enjoyed a keynote talk by Vice President of USF Health Dr. Klasko.  This year we will have a summer book devoted to the November election and we will again utilize the web to have students “discuss” the book. 

    This year’s class of freshpeople had the highest average SAT/ACT scores ever.

     More of you participated in study abroad programs than ever before.

     We had more students compete for the national scholarships than ever before and we had more winners than ever.  Two students have now won 2 National awards!

    Next year, take advantage of the opportunity to go to conferences to present your research, enter our research contest, come to our picnics and parties, look into the national scholarships, join our band and enjoy making music with friends.  There is much that you can do now which will be harder to do later on. 

    I hope you have a great summer.  Be productive, relax, have fun, get away.  Do the things you dream of; don’t wait too long to follow your hearts.  Know that we are here should you need anything.  I look forward to seeing you in the fall. 

    To those of you who are graduating, you have my best wishes and those of Dean Kleine, Dr. Lucas, Ms. Geiger, Ms. Lazzara, Mr. Mejias, Mr. Lucien, Ms. Hill, Ms. Lanier, Ms. Locke, Ms. Cutchens, Ms. Schumacher, Mr. Friday, Ms. Field, Ms. Schumacher, and Ms. Kane for success and happiness.  I truly hope that all your dreams are realized, your lives are filled with joy and good health and that you help to make the lives of others better.  Please keep in touch with Honors and let me know how you are doing.  I really do care.  Farewell!


    Stuart Silverman

  • Fall 2012 Internship Opportunity Data Management Web Design

    Are you interested in web design or data management?

    Do you have basic computer skills and/or entry level experience in design?

    Would you like the opportunity to compete for an incredible opportunity to work for the Honors College throughout your college career?

    Do you want to boost your resume with real-life experience and training?

    The Honors College is recruiting incoming freshmen to participate in a semester-long training and internship opportunity. The current Honors College Webmaster is looking for a replacement for himself at the end of next spring. Students will work with the Honors technology department on real design and data management projects and will directly impact the web presence of the Honors College.

    Three students will be offered positions in the Spring 2013 semester as PAID Assistant Webmasters for the college. The most successful student will be offered the opportunity to become the Honors College Webmaster beginning in Fall 2013. Students could remain in these positions, if successful, for the remainder of the undergraduate career. Pay is extremely competitive, and hours are very flexible. Work is year-round, so summer employment is available.

    A successful candidate MUST be:

    • Extremely self-motivated and able to work with little or no supervision
    • Willing to learn, or have entry level skills with: ASP, SQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
    • Able to work 10-20 hours a week during the internship and
    • Willing to work 20 hours  a week during the Spring 2013 position

    **Note**: Students not willing to commit to at least a year of employment with the Honors College after the internship need not apply.

    The student selected as the next Honors College Webmaster must be willing to work 20-40 hours a week and expect to remain with the College for at least 2 years.

    If you are interested in applying, send the following to Sharon Geiger ( AND Sean Motta (

    • Resume
    • Cover Letter with brief outline of any coding or web design experience and expected number of hours per week available.

  • Spend a semester in Washington DC




    Sponsored by The Fund for American Studies, Capital Semester combines substantive internships, 12 academic credits, career development activities, site briefings and lectures led by policy experts. This fast-paced, fifteen-week residential program provides undergraduate students from around the world with opportunities to gain the edge in today's competitive job market and graduate school admissions, and experience the excitement of Washington first-hand.



    Students from ASGA will be given priority in scholarship awards from our general scholarship fund. ASGA students should indicate on their application materials that they are a participant in student government and list their student government activities on their resume.



    • Internships - Competitive placements with government agencies, congressional offices, public policy groups, international affairs organizations and nonprofit organizations

    • Classes - Full-time course load in political science and economics accredited by Ohio Northern University

    • Housing - Roommate matching and furnished Capitol Hill apartments in the heart of D.C.

    • Guest Lectures - With Washington's top policy and economics experts

    • Exclusive Briefings - At the World Bank, State Department, Pentagon and Federal Reserve

    • Leadership & Professional Development - Leadership, mentoring and career building activities

    • Networking - Interaction with seasoned professionals and student leaders from around the world

    • Scholarships - Generous scholarships are awarded based on merit and financial need


    Internship placements are available in the following subject areas:


    • Politics, Public Policy and International Affairs

    • Journalism, Communications and Public Relations

    • Corporate Business and Government Affairs

    • Nonprofit Sector and Community Service


    Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the Final Deadline of June 1, 2012.


    For more information and an online application, please visit our website or contact Dana Faught, Manger of Recruitment and Admissions, at or 202.986.0384.


  • Biological Anthropology and Introduction to BioChemistry Tutors Needed

    The Holcombe Scholars Program is currently looking for a tutor for Biological Anthropology for the Summer B session, and a tutor for Introduction to Biochemistry for the Summer C session. Interested applicants MUST have an overall 3.3 GPA, have taken the course at USF, and received an A in the respective course. Applications should be submitted by following the link provided.

    Please contact Andrea Cappello, Holcombe GA, with any questions:


  • Biology for NonMajors Tutor Needed

    The Holcombe Scholars Program is currently looking for a tutor for Biology for Non-Majors (CRN 57663) for the Summer C session. Interested applicants MUST have an overall 3.3 GPA, have taken the course at USF, and received an A in the respective course. Applications should be submitted by following the link provided.

    Please contact Andrea Cappello, Holcombe GA, with any questions:


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O.N.S. - Office of National Scholarships

  • Lauren Townsend IRT Summer Intern

    Congratulations to Lauren Townsend!

    Lauren has been accepted to the Institute for Recruitment of Teachers (IRT) summer intern workshop at the Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts.

    The Phillips Academy Institute for Recruitment of Teachers (IRT) is a highly selective program committed to increasing diversity in the nation''s teaching faculties by identifying and mentoring members of underrepresented groups through the graduate admissions process. For more information, please visit:


  • Shaza Hussein - USF's First Udall Scholarship Recipient

    Shaza, an Honors College junior majoring in Environmental Science and Policy, was awarded the Udall Scholarship to support her research related to the environment. She was one of 80 students selected to receive the $5,000 scholarship.

    The Morris K. Udall and Stewart L. Udall Foundation is one of five federal foundations established by Congress established to increase the awareness of, the importance of, and promote the benefit and enjoyment of, the nation's natural resources as well as other goals.

    For more information, please visit:

    Questions? Email Dr. Linda Lucas at


  • Ryan Salazar - Fulbright Postgraduate Study Grant Recipient

    Congratulations to Ryan Salazar!

    Ryan, an Honors College senior majoring in Music Education has received a Fulbright Postgraduate Study Grant to the United Kingdom. Ryan is one of only 35 students who have received grants to the UK to pursue his graduate degree in Education at the Institute for Education -University of London.

    The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government and is designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries.

    For more information, please visit:

    Questions? Email Ms. Schumacher at


  • Michael Esteban Receives Hollings Scholarship

    Congratulations to Michael Esteban!

    Michael, an Honors College sophomore majoring in Civil Engineering received the NOAA Ernest F. Hollings scholarship. The Hollings Scholarship Program provides undergraduate students with awards that include academic assistance (up to a maximum of $8,000 per year) for full-time study during the 9-month academic year and a 10-week, full-time internship position during the summer at a NOAA facility.

    For more information about Hollings, please visit:

    Questions? Email Dr. Linda Lucas at


  • Christie Campla Receives Goldwater Scholarship

    Congratulations to Christie Campla!

    Christie, an Honors College junior majoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology and Microbiology was awarded the Goldwater scholarship for excellence in research and scholarship. The one year scholarship will cover the cost of tuition, fees, books and room and board up to a maximum of $7,5000 per year.

    For more information about the Goldwater scholarship, please visit:

    Questions? Please email Dr. Lucas at



  • Sayeef Mirza Critical Language Scholarship Recipient

    Congratulations to Sayeef Mirza!  Sayeef, an Honors College senior majoring in Biomedical Sciences, was awarded the Critical Language Scholarship to study Arabic in Salalah, Oman for 10 weeks this summer.

    The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) provides fully-funded group-based intensive language instruction and structured cultural enrichment experiences. A program of the United States Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, the CLS Program offers intensive language institutes overseas in thirteen critical need foreign languages.

    For more information, please visit: Questions? Email Ms. Schumacher at


ONS has information on a wide variety of Scholarships and fellowships for graduate study. Please check the ONS website and speak with Dr. Lucas or Ms. Schumacher.

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USF Honors College Student Council

  • Good Luck on Finals

    Best of luck to all our students during Finals Week and have a great summer!

    -Honors College

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Student Submissions

  • Volunteer Research Opportunity

    Volunteer undergraduate research opportunity with a Acute Lung Injury & Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension project. Students should have at least a 3.5 GPA and be able to volunteer 16-20 hours per week.

    If you are interested in this project, please email your resume to Dr. Kolliputi at

  • test


  • Honors College Student Questionnaire

    My thesis is to make a promotional plan for the USF Honors College. If you could fill out this short questionnaire it would help me tremendously. Just follow the link and it'll take you right to it. Thank you for your help!


  • USF Campus Life Podcast

    This is my thesis for the honors college. It is an hour long podcast featuring stories and interviews from students.

    Link: USF Campus Life

  • Tutors needed for Summer C

    The Jenkins Scholars Program is looking for tutors in the following courses for Summer C session: Cell Metabolism, Pathophysiology for Nursing Practice, Nursing Fundamentals Clinical, Fundamentals of Nursing Practice, Pharmacology in Nursing Practice, Physical Exam and Assessment. Applicants MUST have an overall 3.3 GPA, taken the respective course at USF, and received an A in the course. Applications should be submitted by following the link provided. Contact information: Rochelly Ramirez Jenkins GA

    Link: Tutor Application

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