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Upcoming Events

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 5/14/2010 CS_INFO_SESSION
 5/17/2010 Summer A & C - First Day
 5/31/2010 Memorial Day
 6/8/2010 Honors College Orientation
 6/11/2010 Honors College Orientation
 6/15/2010 Honors College Orientation
 6/18/2010 Honors College Orientation
 6/25/2010 Summer A - Last Day of Classes
 6/25/2010 Honors College Orientation
 6/28/2010 Summer B - First Day
 6/28/2010 CS_INFO_SESSION
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Honors College

Dean's Update:

    It's hard to believe that another semester and another year are almost "history"!! This one has gone by very quickly as have the 22(!!) years I've served as Director and Dean of Honors. I have been particularly impressed with a number of things this year and I wanted to take a moment to tell you about them. You have again distinguished yourselves in a variety of ways. An increasing number of you have gotten into the best, most prestigious medical, law, dental and graduate schools. The jobs you have been offered are absolutely wonderful. More of you than ever before have GPA’s over 3.3, over 3.5, over 3.7 and over 3.9. What amazes me about this is that your accomplishments come as full-time students who work and manage various family responsibilities; you are not, in the main, students who go to school and do nothing else! Two of you won the highly prestigious Barry Goldwater Scholarships. I am impressed with the thousands of hours you donate to community agencies, your houses of worship and the University. You make what you "touch" better than how you found it. You demonstrate amazing creativity in your academic activities. I see this clearly in your seminar projects and in your theses. You have published more papers in professional journals and presented more papers at national, regional and state conferences this year than ever before. I am impressed with the creative writing projects you have completed, the art shows at which you have shown your work and the music recitals at which you have performed. You are a good, talented, bright group of human beings whom I am proud to know. As I look back at the past year, a number of things stand out to me. We had a great summer book for new students and all worked well. 500 freshpeople attended the fall convocation and enjoyed a keynote talk. This year we will have a summer book devoted to Frankenstein and we will continue to utilize the web to have students "discuss" the book. This year's class of freshpeople had the highest average SAT/ACT scores ever. More of you participated in study abroad programs than ever before. We had more students compete for the national scholarships than ever before and we had more winners than ever. Our "Afternoon/Evening With ..." conversation series gave us the opportunity to meet the Mayor, the FL Orchestra concertmaster and other dignitaries. Our Research Symposium and Celebration attracted as many presentations as last year and was a wonderful showcase for your work. We recently welcomed Dr. Lucas and Ms. Nelson to the College. The Mayor, a judge and a very successful entrepreneur were among special faculty who taught this year. Next year, take advantage of the opportunity to go to conferences to present your research, enter our research contest, come to our picnics and parties, look into the national scholarships, join our band and enjoy making music with friends. There is much that you can do now which will be harder to do later on. I hope you have a great summer. Be productive, relax, have fun, get away. Do the things you dream of; don’t wait too long to follow your hearts. Know that we are here should you need anything. I look forward to seeing you in the fall. To those of you who are graduating, you have my best wishes and those of Deans Yavneh and Kleine, Dr. Rundus, Dr. Lucas, Ms. Geiger, Ms. Lazzara, Mr. Mejias, Mr. Lucien, Ms. Hill, Ms. Lanier, Ms. Nelson, Ms. Carlton, Mr. Friday, Ms. Field, Mr. Liu, Ms. Avramenko, Ms. Schumacher, Ms Kane and Ms. Dorosz for success and happiness. I truly hope that all your dreams are realized, your lives are filled with joy and good health and that you help to make the lives of others better. Please keep in touch with Honors and let me know how you are doing. I really do care. Farewell! Peace. Stuart Silverman

  • Healthcare in Panama: Beyond the Classroom

    Healthcare in Panama: Beyond the Classroom
    Fall 2010: Wednesdays from 2:00-4:45
    IDH 4200 OR IDH 4000

    Looking for a different kind of learning experience? You will engage in 14 weeks of coursework prior to a 10-day immersion experience in Panama (participation in the trip from December  11 - 20 is a required part of the course curriculum). The course will introduce you to the healthcare system in Panama and how it compares to that of the United States, Panamanian culture and society, and current issues facing developing countries.

    Although the course will focus on cultural comparison through the lens of the healthcare system, students of all majors are welcome to apply.
    If you are interested in participating in this course, please contact Ms. Hill at 

  • New course for Fall 2010

    Tuesdays, 6:00 pm to 8:50 pm MDL 1005; 3 cr.hrs. satisfies the Honors College IDH 3400 requirement   Instructor: William Marshall, Jr., MD, MS, MBA, Vice President, USF Health For Permission to take this course, email Dr. Kleine through May 7th, and after that, email Dr. Silverman.    Course Overview This course is designed to enable the student to gain an in-depth understanding of the principles and fundamentals of intellectual property (IP) as they relate to protection of new technologies/products in research and development.  It is further designed to examine strategies for protection of new technologies and products using the legal structure of patents and copyrights and the development and protection of trade secrets.  Finally, the course will assist the student to develop advanced problem solving skills, critical decision-making processes for intellectual properties and new technologies, and technology planning skills beneficial in multiple disciplines.   This is NOT an Intellectual Property Law class.  The class is designed to assist the student begin to understand the basic principles of IP and some of the legal concepts and issues.  To do this will require discussion of legal principles and some legal cases. Just as importantly, it is designed to assist the student to begin to understand the Business ramifications of IP issues, decisions (good and bad) regarding IP, and how to develop and understand critical IP strategies.

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O.N.S. - Office of National Scholarships

  • Fulbright Scholarships to Study and Research Abroad

    Fulbright Scholarships to Study and Research Abroad for Graduate and Undergraduate Students. The USF campus deadlines are the first week of September 2010. For more information contact National Scholarships Office at

ONS has information on a wide variety of Scholarships and fellowships for graduate study. Please check the ONS website and speak with Mr. Mejias.

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The Office of Undergraduate Research

  • College of Education Research

    Interested in how kids learn best?  There will be a project this summer in the College of Education to put together a literature review for a future publication on active gaming technology in learning. Tasks would involve doing lit reviews with a faculty member and writing 1 paragraph summary’s for each articles/books.  The literature review would be collecting any and all articles related to this new approach to physical activity. When the literature review is published, your name would be listed in an acknowledgment section.  This type of informational research is very helpful to learn about the process of research and publishing in the academic realm.  The project would be useful for Education, Psychology or any Social/Behavioral Sciences major planning to pursue a graduate education. Please create a profile on the UR website and send your resume to Ms. Schumacher at  If you have not met with her, please set an appointment by calling 813-974-6824. 

  • Symposium Winners and Pictures

    The winners from the 8th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium and Celebration have been posted on the UR website ( Pictures from the event have also been posted. Be sure to check it out!


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