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Week of 05/25/2010 - Issue # 115

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Upcoming Events

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 5/31/2010 Memorial Day
 6/8/2010 Honors College Orientation
 6/11/2010 Honors College Orientation
 6/15/2010 Honors College Orientation
 6/18/2010 Honors College Orientation
 6/25/2010 Summer A - Last Day of Classes
 6/25/2010 Honors College Orientation
 6/28/2010 Summer B - First Day
 6/28/2010 CS_INFO_SESSION
 7/13/2010 Honors College Orientation
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Honors College

Dean's Update:

    I have been thinking about E-Portfolios and how valuable they might be as you apply for jobs and to graduate and professional programs. An E-Portfolio is pretty easy to establish and would take but minutes per week to maintain. Your Portfolio could contain your writing, videos, journals, pictures, research, study abroad experiences and any other information you choose to include. You alone would have the ability to add subtract and modify the portfolio and we could proudly house and showcase your portfolio on the Honors College website for all to see.

    We can help you set up the portfolio and maintain it (although it is simple enough that even I could do it!). If you have Facebook or Myspace page or your own website, you are already on the way to an e-folio. I would like to invite you to be among the first to create an Honors E-folio. All you need to do is email me or schedule an appointment. I can almost guarantee that the process of setting up the portfolio is easy and fun, maintenance is minimal and the potential value is great.

    Please don't let this opportunity pass you by.

  • Tutors Needed - PAID

    Do you have a 3.3 GPA? Have you received an A in Genetics or Anatomy and Physiology I? Are you looking for a summer job? If so, then we need you! Please submit an online tutor application at the link below. Applicants must have taken the course at USF. Positions are available for Honors and Graduate students.


  • Healthcare in Panama: Beyond the Classroom

    Healthcare in Panama: Beyond the Classroom
    Fall 2010: Wednesdays from 2:00-4:45
    IDH 4200 OR IDH 4000

    Looking for a different kind of learning experience? You will engage in 14 weeks of coursework prior to a 10-day immersion experience in Panama (participation in the trip from December  11 - 20 is a required part of the course curriculum). The course will introduce you to the healthcare system in Panama and how it compares to that of the United States, Panamanian culture and society, and current issues facing developing countries.

    Although the course will focus on cultural comparison through the lens of the healthcare system, students of all majors are welcome to apply.
    If you are interested in participating in this course, please contact Ms. Hill at .

  • New course for Fall 2010

    Tuesdays, 6:00 pm to 8:50 pm MDL 1005; 3 cr.hrs. satisfies the Honors College IDH 3400 requirement   Instructor: William Marshall, Jr., MD, MS, MBA, Vice President, USF Health For Permission to take this course, email Dr. Kleine through May 7th, and after that, email Dr. Silverman.    Course Overview This course is designed to enable the student to gain an in-depth understanding of the principles and fundamentals of intellectual property (IP) as they relate to protection of new technologies/products in research and development.  It is further designed to examine strategies for protection of new technologies and products using the legal structure of patents and copyrights and the development and protection of trade secrets.  Finally, the course will assist the student to develop advanced problem solving skills, critical decision-making processes for intellectual properties and new technologies, and technology planning skills beneficial in multiple disciplines.   This is NOT an Intellectual Property Law class.  The class is designed to assist the student begin to understand the basic principles of IP and some of the legal concepts and issues.  To do this will require discussion of legal principles and some legal cases. Just as importantly, it is designed to assist the student to begin to understand the Business ramifications of IP issues, decisions (good and bad) regarding IP, and how to develop and understand critical IP strategies.

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O.N.S. - Office of National Scholarships

  • September Deadlines for National Scholarships

    The following scholarships have internal USF September 10, 2010 deadlines. These all require internal faculty committee review. Come in now to open your application, gather your letters of recommendation and begin your essay. Rhodes, -- for study at Oxford for all round excellence in academics and leadership, under age 25, >3.8 GPA  Mitchell, - for a year graduate study in Ireland or Northern Ireland for US Citizen. Seniors or graduate students. Marshall, - study in UK for 2-3 years for US Citizen, >3.7 gpa, leadership, reason to study in UK. Fulbright research, -- research abroad for senior or graduate student, any major. Fulbright English Teaching Assistant - -- teach English across the globe; > 3.3 gpa. Gilman - study abroad anywhere - PEL grant recipient required, all majors Javits,, graduate students entering PHD programs, seniors entering MFA programs, MA programs.   Go to Office of National Scholarships website for more:      

  • Mr Hilarion Martinez visits USF May 28

    Mr Hilarion Martinez of the US State Department will be on campus to talk about internships with the State Department for summer 2011 as well as the other exciting career opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Contact him at if you want to make an appointment.

  • Fulbright Scholarships to Study and Research Abroad

    Fulbright Scholarships to Study and Research Abroad for Graduate and Undergraduate Students. The USF campus deadlines are the first week of September 2010. For more information contact National Scholarships Office at

ONS has information on a wide variety of Scholarships and fellowships for graduate study. Please check the ONS website and speak with Ms. Carlton.

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The Office of Undergraduate Research

  • Research Assistant Needed

    New Orleans is made up of groups of residents who wear costumes during Mardi Gras, an annual street festival that dates to the eighteenth century. Such groups, especially those from marginalized and 'aggrieved' groups are often mutual aid and pleasure clubs established in the early twentieth century to care for community members in times of illness, poverty and death. They parade in the streets several times a year; including Mardi Gras, in what scholars have argued is the use of public space to embody dissent of their social marginalization. The selection of a “mask” is not a fly by night decision. It reflects certain claims about identity. Groups of people, who “mask” as it is called, see Mardi Gras simply as an opportunity to publically display a private sense of self that guides their entire lives. The field of trauma research supports the use of ritual for healing and recovery from disaster and large scale social trauma situations. Communal rituals and artistic practices have been found to contribute to survivors’ sense of recovery, especially as meaning making based in the survivor's culture is a key indicator of thriving and resilience.  This project focuses on the Centennial celebration of the African American woman's masking tradition, "Baby Dolls." Research assistants would be asked to: Locate materials that can be used in a Centennial exhibition of the New Orleans Mardi Gras Baby Dolls, a century-old African American women's masking tradition Research and write a description of the artists and photographs who took photographs or made representations of Baby Dolls Assist with creation of a website for an on-line exhibition The time commitment would be about 2-4 hours weekly; for 6 weeks. If you are interested, please create a profile on and send your resume to Ms. Schumacher at referencing the project in the subject line of the email.


  • College of Education Research

    Interested in how kids learn best?  There will be a project this summer in the College of Education to put together a literature review for a future publication on active gaming technology in learning. Tasks would involve doing lit reviews with a faculty member and writing 1 paragraph summary’s for each articles/books.  The literature review would be collecting any and all articles related to this new approach to physical activity. When the literature review is published, your name would be listed in an acknowledgment section.  This type of informational research is very helpful to learn about the process of research and publishing in the academic realm.  The project would be useful for Education, Psychology or any Social/Behavioral Sciences major planning to pursue a graduate education. Please create a profile on the UR website and send your resume to Ms. Schumacher at  If you have not met with her, please set an appointment by calling 813-974-6824. 

  • Symposium Winners and Pictures

    The winners from the 8th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium and Celebration have been posted on the UR website ( Pictures from the event have also been posted. Be sure to check it out!


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