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Week of 06/08/2009 - Issue # 65

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 6/12/2009 USF Honors Orientation
 6/16/2009 USF Honors Orientation
 6/19/2009 USF Honors Orientation
 6/19/2009 Summer A - Last Day
 6/29/2009 Summer B - First Day
 7/14/2009 USF Honors Orientaiton
 7/17/2009 USF Honors Orientation
 7/17/2009 Summer C - Last Day
 7/21/2009 USF Honors Orientation
 7/23/2009 USF Honors Orientation
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Honors College

Dean's Update:

  • Student Research Assistant Needed

    Dr. Annette Christy is working on a project that involves collecting information on and analyzing social networking sites for persons in the armed service (veterans and active duty military).

    She is looking for a student research assistant interested in mental health to work with her on this project. If you are interested in this position and project, please email Ms. Carlton at

  • $2,000 Scholarship and Career Networking Opportunity

    Deadline to apply June 15th

    A Grocery Manufacturers Representatives Endowed Scholarship (GMR) of $2,000 will be awarded to an Honors College student majoring in Business (Marketing, Management, Finance, Accounting, Economics, etc.). The scholarship award is $1,000 for fall 2009 and $1,000 for spring 2010. This is also an excellent vehicle to network with potential employers as wide arrays of businesses are involved. Please be a full-time Junior or Senior by fall 2009 with a minimum GPA of 3.3 and an interest in consumer goods or the food industry. A one-paragraph essay explaining your interest/qualifications of no more than 250 words is requested by June 15th. Please send to and include your contact information, and USF ID#.


  • Med School Applicants - AMCAS Opening Dates and Application Help

    The 2010 AMCAS application will open on or about Tuesday, May 5th and submission will begin on or about Tuesday, June 2nd.

    You will find an abundance of resources for the 2010 application by following this link:

    A polished, complete and timely application is essential to success in the admissions process. You should be working on a draft of your personal statement now. This essay is a critical opportunity to articulate your motivation for medicine, and requires careful reflection and your best writing, no matter how strong your other credentials. If you would like guidance and feedback in developing your personal statement, make an appointment with Amy Sturrock today by calling 813-974-3087.

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RED - National Fellowships

  • Seeking Prospective Applicants for Fall Competitions

    The Office of National Scholarships is currently seeking prospective applicants for the following competitions: Fulbright, Gates-Cambridge, Gilman, Javits, Marshall, Mitchell, Rhodes, NSF, Rotary, Truman, Udall, USA Today, and Elie Wiesel Ethics Prize!

    For more information on these competitions, contact Mr. Mejias: .

RED has information on a wide variety of Scholarships and fellowships for graduate study. Please check the RED website and speak with Mr. Mejias.

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The Office of Undergraduate Research

  • Hurricane Research Project Opportunity

    Would you like to work in a large interdisciplinary research team examining people's hurricane evacuation behavior? Dr. Jennifer Collins is looking for a Spanish speaker (writer also preferred) to join the team. Learn about the research process, learn about social aspects of hurricane evacuations and develop interview skills as we perform a pilot test on a research study. This is a good opportunity if you would like 1 credit of summer B directed research or even if you would just like to volunteer and have something else to put on your resume as you network and make new contacts with people largely in the field of Geography and Sociology. There is also an opportunity (not required) to join the team later in the summer/fall to participate in a grant funded project which will take the team out to interview during an evacuation. The pilot test that you will be involved in will take place locally. Please email Dr. Jennifer Collins ASAP if you are interested at

  • Hurricane REU attracts participants from near and far.

    The Honors College and the Office of Undergraduate Research were very pleased to welcome 6 students from around the country to join four USF students in our Hurricane REU program. The students will be conducting research on the social aspects of hurricanes, receiving Red Cross certifications and -- we hope -- having fun being members of our community. Aly Collins and Jenny Burges of the Honors College and Danielle Danielles and Danielle Edwards of the Sociology Honors Program are our four USF students funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation. Alison Brooks (Elon) Marie Callahan (Plymouth State) Sam Cramer (Cornell), and Matthew Devitt (Penn State) are also funded by NSF. Taushia Brooks and Jacob Norlund, both of St Scholastica College in Minnesota, are here courtesy of the McNair Foundation.

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