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Week of 06/21/2011 - Issue # 168

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At a Glance

Upcoming Events

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 6/24/2011 Summer A, Last Day
 6/27/2011 Summer B, First Day
 6/27/2011 CS_INFO_SESSION
 6/27/2011 test
 7/4/2011 Independence Day - USF Closed
 7/15/2011 First Year Orientation
 7/19/2011 First Year Orientation
 7/22/2011 First Year Orientation
 7/26/2011 First Year Orientation
 7/29/2011 First Year Orientation
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Honors College

Dean's Update:

    I want to welcome those of you have have been thhrough Orientation this summer and those of you who have yet to attend.  I hope you will come here excited and ready to try new things and take advantage of opportunities.  Please contact us if you have any questions about the University or Honors College.  We will be communicating with you over the summer, providing more information which we believe will be helpful.

    To our old-timers, I hope your summer is going well and that you are leaning and having fun.  I do look forward to greeting you in August.  

  • PreDental Forum Next Monday at UF

    The Office of Admissions at the University of Florida College of Dentistry is hosting a Pre-Dental Forum next Monday, June 27, 2011. Spots are still available! Online registration is required. Find more information at the webpage below:

    Link: UF Predental Forum

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O.N.S. - Office of National Scholarships

  • Upcoming Workshops for Seniors, Sophomores and Juniors, Gilman, and Fulbright

    Upcoming workshops:

    The workshop for seniors will be on Thursday, July 7, 2011 either at 9:00-10:00 or 1:00-2:00 pm in ADM 252. You can sign up for the workshop here. We will focus on these at this workshop: Rhodes (GPA at or above 3.75), Marshall (GPA at or above 3.7), Mitchell, Javits, Gilman and Fulbright. These scholarships are open to rising seniors, seniors and some alumni only. The internal deadlines are August 29, 2011 for Rhodes, Mitchell, Marshall, and Fulbright Septermber 1, 2011 for Javits, and September 9, 2011 for Gilman. 

    The workshop for sophomores and juniors  will be on Wednesday, July 6, 2011 either at 11:00-12:00 or 2:00-3:00 pm in ADM 252. You can sign up for the workshop here. We will focus on these at this workshop: Udall (environment), Hollings (environment: ocean, water), Gilman (study abroad), TRIALS (law), Goldwater (science), Truman (politics), Pickering (foreign affairs), Boren (language) . The internal deadlines are from early September (Gilman), mid-October (DAAD) and all throughout November (Truman, Goldwater, Boren, Hollings).

    We will be holding a Gilman general information workshop on Tuesday, July 19 at 9-10 AM in ADM 252. If you were not able to attend the first informational workshop, please feel free to attend and bring your friends!  Sign up for the workshop by clicking here.

    We will be holding another Fulbright general information workshop on Tuesday, July 19 at 2- 3 pm in ADM 252. If you were not able to attend the first informational workshop, please feel free to attend and bring your friends!  Sign up for the workshop by clicking here.

    An application and essay review workshop for Fulbright will be held on Thursday, July 28 at 34 pm in ADM 252. The purpose of this workshop will be to get more in depth with your applications and essays, which should be getting finalized by then.  Sign up for the workshop by clicking here.

    We encourage you to visit our website , and search for opportunities that are available to you

  • Upcoming Deadlines Marshall, Mitchell, Rhodes, Fulbright, Javits, Gilman, GatesCambridge and Hertz

    Deadlines for the following scholarships will be August 29th, so get started now with a consultation by clicking the link for escheduler below.

    Fulbright - Study, Research, or Teach for a year in the UK or locations around the globe

    Marshall -  Graduate Study in the UK

    Mitchell - Graduate Study in Ireland

    Rhodes - Graduate Study at Oxford

    Here are additional deadlines:

    Sep 1 - Javits - Arts, Humanities, Social Science graduate study

    Sep 9 - Gilman - Study abroad, for recipients of the Pell grant

    Sep 15 - Gates Cambridge - Graduate Study at Cambridge

    Sep 15 - Hertz - Science graduate Study


    Link: Escheduler

  • Teach English in Korea with TaLK

    IIE has recently partnered with the Government of Korea to promote its TaLK (Teach and Learn in Korea) Program.  This is a program similar in nature to the Fulbright English Teaching Assistantships in Korea, but which is open to undergraduates as well as to graduating seniors.  Complete information can be found at:

  • 2012 White House Internship Application now open

    The U.S. Department of State's 2012 Spring Student Internship Program is now accepting applications!

    Click here ( and choose either Graduate/Post-Graduate or Undergraduate) for more information and to start the online application process. Please note that the deadline to submit completed applications is July 01, 2011.

    You must be a U.S. Citizen and a student (a full- or part-time continuing college or university junior, or graduate student - including graduating seniors intending to go on to graduate school) to be eligible. Please read the program description and vacancy announcement for more information and for all requirements and qualifications.

  • Keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter

    Join the ONS Facebook Askmeabout Scholarships  and  Twitter at USFONS.  We will keep you in the loop with the most up to date information new scholarships, reminders of deadlines, and other important tips to give you the competitive edge.

ONS has information on a wide variety of Scholarships and fellowships for graduate study. Please check the ONS website and speak with Dr. Lucas or Ms. Carlton.

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The Office of Undergraduate Research

  • Research Assistant Needed for Environmental Microbiology Project

    Seeking an undergraduate student committed to a career in science to help with an environmental microbiology project on the effects of pesticides on bacterial pathogens. Students can expect to gain expertise in culturing bacteria, PCR and qPCR, statistics, and scientific writing, as well as environmental sampling. Must be detail-oriented and meticulous, be able to commit at least 10 hrs/week for at least 2 semesters prefer Junior level but others considered. Contact Zach Staley in Dr. Harwood's lab:

  • Hurricane Research Project

    Dr. Jennifer Collins is leading a research project focused on hurricane evacuation and evacuation behaviors. Students interested in hurricane research and evacuation behavior should contact Ms. Shaza Hussein at

    The email should include:
    NAME, NET ID, U NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS (you check regularly), BEST CONTACT PHONE NUMBER, YEAR OF STUDY e.g. Undergraduate (junior), MAJOR, LANGUAGES SPOKEN WELL (other than English), SEMESTER(S) AVAILABLE FOR PROJECT: Summer B, FALL, BOTH (If both, we will sign you up for IDH 4910 for summer B)

    Students participating in this project will be enrolled in 0 credit IDH 4910 so that research will appear on your official USF transcript for FREE.

  • Research Intern Position Available at Moffitt Cancer Center

    Interested in becoming a research intern at the Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute? Are you interested in both cancer genetics and health disparities research?

    The research team is actively searching for the right candidate to join the research team as soon as possible. They are looking for enthusiastic learners who are interested in clinical cancer research (Please note, the research is conducted in a dry lab). As an intern, you will have opportunities to learn about and contribute to our overall knowledge of cancer genetics and health disparities research. Interns will also be able to write and submit research abstracts with the guidance of the study team. Strong applicants will have a background in research and provide letters of reference however, prior research experience and letters of reference are not required. Candidates must be able to dedicate 10-20 hours a week with the team.

    Applications should include a curriculum vitae/resume and a letter of intent detailing research interests and availability. Send all compeleted applications to Ms.Lauren Schumacher at

    Please include answers to the following questions in your letter of intent:

      • What research fields interest you?
      • What do you hope to gain from this research internship?
      • What will make you a successful, dependable intern?
      • What days/hours are you available (please include nights and weekends)?
      • Please indicate any special interests in cancer genetics, health disparities, and epidemiology.

  • Reach Out and Read Training Sessions

    You can make a positive impact on the lives of children  and their families by participating in the Reach Out and Read early literacy program in which you can help to foster cognitive and emotional development in young children!

    Training sessions will be held on Friday, June 10 from 3 to 5pm and Monday, July 11 from 3 to 5pm.

    Please email Ms. Ellen Kent at to let her know which training session you would like to attend.

    For more information, please visit


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Student Submissions

  • Honors Thesis Survey Religious and Political Involvement of USF Students

    Attention USF Students: 

    I am a fellow student who is requesting your voluntary participation in a research study regarding religious and political issues. This study is a major component of an undergraduate thesis for the USF Honors College. Your information will be kept confidential. The data collected will be analyzed in order to further knowledge about the ties between politics and religion among USF&rsquos student population.

    To participate, you must be a USF student (in any undergraduate/graduate program other than Medical) and 18 years or older. If you have any questions regarding this survey, please email Katie Brennan, the principal investigator of the study, at IRB study number: Pro00003429.

    Please visit the following link to participate:

    Link: Survey Religious and Political Involvement of USF Students

  • Paid tutoring position

    An Honors student studying for the MCAT needs some help on the verbal section and will pay for tutoring.  Contact him at:

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