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Week of 06/25/2013 - Issue # 270

Here is your weekly copy of Know-a-BULL News. Please read this issue to keep up-to-date with all the exciting events and news from the USF Honors College and the Office of National Scholarships.

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Upcoming Events

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 6/28/2013 Freshmen Orientation
 7/16/2013 Freshmen Orientation
 7/19/2013 Freshmen Orientation
 7/23/2013 Freshmen Orientation
 7/26/2013 Freshmen Orientation
 7/30/2013 Freshmen Orientation
 8/2/2013 Freshmen Orientation
 8/9/2013 Honors College Summer Commencement Ceremony
 8/20/2013 Freshmen Orientation
 8/23/2013 Honors LLC Welcome Back Lunch
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Honors College

Dean's Update:

  • New! - Early Decision Deadline for USF COM

    If you are planning to apply to the USF Morsani College of Medicine through the Early Decision program, please note that you need to submit your primary application prior to July 3, so that AMCAS has sufficient time to verify your records. Additionally, if you have not done so already, please submit your post-secondary transcript(s) as soon as possible (these need to be accompanied by the AMCAS transcript request form). If you have any questions, or need assistance with your application, please contact Ms. Sturrock at

  • New! - Thesis Opportunities


    This note is from Dr. Bryant in the Psychology Department

    I have a couple ideas for potential honors theses and would love to work with two great students who could conduct them.  Could you please alert students who are seeking projects and mentors?  Thanks.

    1.  Undergraduates'' perceptions of whether to intervene when they observe cheating in their classes.  As part of another study, I have oral responses from 125 participants discussing a hypothetical scenario involving observed cheating.  These could be coded and analyzed using existing theory about academic dishonesty and ethical development.

    2.  The effects of cats'' and dogs'' breed, size, and color on perceptions of potential adopters.  Every Halloween claims are made about the adoption of black cats and dogs.  Prior research involves analyses of adoption records from rescue facilities and some poorly designed experiments.  I think a solid experiment could be combined with a longitudinal descriptive study of records.


  • New! - Chemistry Peer Leading for Fall 2013

    Are you interested in strengthening your leadership experience? Serving as a mentor and a role model for general chemistry students? Establishing positive relationships with faculty and peers? If so, then you should apply to become a Chemistry Peer Leader! Students can receive undergraduate credit for becoming a Chemistry Peer Leader. If you are interested in applying, please check out the following link for more information. Requirements include a grade of "B" or better in both CHM 2045 and CHM 2046. The deadline to apply is July 1, 2013.

    Link: Chemistry Peer Leading

  • New! - Fantastic Paid OnCampus Job Possibility

    I would love to have another student to work with me here at Graphicstudio. It would be 10 hours a week, duties to liase with students/student groups on campus, assist with the planning and management of student-oriented events, curate and coordinate the Graphicstudio project at the Honors College, and generally help out.  You must be bright and hardworking with an interest in art - any major is fine!

    Thanks so much, 

    Noel Smith
    Curator of Education / Curator of Latin America & Caribbean Art
    Director, Museum Studies Graduate Certificate
    GRAPHICSTUDIO | Institute for Research in Art
    University of South Florida, 3702 Spectrum Blvd., Suite100, Tampa, FL 33612 USA


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USF Honors College Student Council

  • MoveIn Day Volunteers Needed

    The Honors LLC is looking for a handful of volunteers to greet families and students on move-in day, Wednesday, August 21 at Juniper and Magnolia Halls!

    We'll allow you to move in one day early (Aug. 20) free of charge in exchange for your assistance welcoming residents for the start of the new year. Open to incoming or returning students.

    For more information, or to volunteer, please contact Honors LLC GA Christine Simone at

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(813) 974-3087

Student Submissions

  • Volunteers Needed for Student-Led Thesis Project

    An Honors student conducting EEG research is seeking volunteers willing to fall asleep while having their EEG signal recorded. Prospective participants looking for more information may contact the study investigator Michael Del Valle at

  • Neuroscience Research Internships Available

    Volunteer neuroscience internships are available for research involving structural changes in neurons and in brain circuitry that impact cognitive function. Studies include: assessment of animal models of brain aging and Alzheimer's disease (and evaluation of possible treatment strategies) evaluation of treatments for traumatic brain injury, effects of stress on neuronal morphology and relationship to PTSD neurotoxicology studies effects of diets on the developing brain animal models of autism. Opportunity for real research involvement and recognition for building your resume. Requirements include: 10-12 hrs per week minimum, minimum commitment of two semesters, exceptional attention to detail, reliability, curiosity, and absolute integrity. Lab is 5 min off-campus near I-75(Telecom Park). The research lab is run by Ronald Mervis, MS,PhD Neurostructural Research Labs & Center for Aging and Brain Repair, USF Morsani College of Medicine. If interested in this opportunity please contact Stephanie Foley (

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