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Week of 07/27/2009 - Issue # 72

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At a Glance

Upcoming Events

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 7/28/2009 USF Honors Orientation
 7/31/2009 USF Honors Orientation
 8/7/2009 Summer B - Last Day
 8/24/2009 Fall 2009 - First Day
 9/4/2009 Honors College Convocation
 9/13/2009 HCSC Fall Picnic
 9/16/2009 Florida Appeals Court Judge Patricia Kelly
 9/23/2009 HCSC- Dodgeball
 10/6/2009 What is Public Health? with Dean Donna Petersen
 11/2/2009 HCSC- Freshman Event
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Honors College

Dean's Update:

    Messages to our Freshpeople who have completed the orientation process:
    • Please post your comments on the summer book
    • Try to spend some time this summer shadowing someone in the profession you wish to prepare for. It will help you to solidify or change your decision
    • Have fun!

  • Spots in Poplar Hall

    We have a few spots remaining in Poplar Hall, the brand new residence hall on campus. If you are looking for a way to meet new people and get involve then living in the Honors Living Learning Community may be right for you. If you are interested, contact the housing office at (813) 974-0001 or Mr. Lucien at (813) 974-3087 or

    Link: Room Features & Hall Amenities

  • Ordering Your Books for Fall 2009

    If you haven't been able to pull up your book lists yet, follow these links: (you will need a copy of your courses handy)

    First, go to the USF website:
    • Click on "Current Students"
    • Along the left hand side of listings, click on "Bookstores", then "Tampa"
    • Click on "Buy your Textbooks on-line Today" (you can save the list - don't have to actually purchase today)
    • Click on "Select Term", then choose Fall 09
    • Click on "Select Dept." (this will vary for each course - it is the 3 letters before the 4-digit course number) For Honors courses: IDH
    • Click on "Select Course": In this case, Acquisition of Knowledge is 2010, Arts/Humanities is 3100, etc
    • Click on "Section", to do this you'll need your specific course information - it should be 3 digits and follows the course number: ex: IDH 2010-007.

    At this point, you can click on other Courses to add books for the other classes you are taking - again, you will need to know your specific course information.


    To look at the books for the specific course, on the right side of the page, click: "View Textbook List", and follow the directions from there.

    Link: USF Website

  • Fall Sections of Arts & Humanities

    We have recently opened seats in all sections of IDH 3100 to continuing students. Course descriptions may be found on the Honors website and on Honors Blackboard under "Course Desc". If you are interested in registering for one of these sections, please submit an online request form through the the link below, or you can go to the Honors webpage, scroll down, click on Online forms, then Permit Request form.

    Link: Permit Link

  • Undergraduate Scholar Award

    This message is for all of our Honors students but particularly those who are incoming Freshpeople and those getting ready to start their second USF year.

    It is not too early to think about the kinds of activities you want to participate in; now is a particularly good time to do that since classes have not yet begun. All of these opportunities will enhance your education and your resume so that when you get ready to apply to graduate or professional school or for a great job, you will be competitive with the best students across the country.

    I would like to introduce you to one of USF's highest recognitions: the Undergraduate Scholar Award. As a national research University with a global mission, students are recognized for serving the community, conducting research, and experiencing the world's diversity. Designed to foster your personal, intellectual and cultural growth, the Undergraduate Scholar Award would add depth to your University of South Florida academic experience. In addition to facilitating research opportunities, this innovative program will support you to engage in meaningful service and make 'connections' with the global community. While important in their own right, these activities also make you competitive for prestigious national awards such as the Rhodes, Marshall, and Truman scholarships. In general, these awards are designed for creative, visionary, academically strong students. Some awards are for graduate/professional study in the United States; some are for study at Oxford, Cambridge, Glasgow, or at many other world-class institutions.

    To achieve our goals, over the next four years, you will complete four components as an Undergraduate Scholar: provide service to the community, conduct mentored undergraduate research, pursue an international experience, and write an integrative essay. We will reward you with praise and a handsome medallion at graduation. Further, both your transcript and diploma will identify you as an Undergraduate Scholar. You are ready to achieve, we are ready to support your efforts!

    If you would like further information about the Undergraduate Scholar Award, please email Mr. Mejias at


  • Opportunity To Be Heard

    The Honors College in conjunction with the USF Career Center would like to hear about your thoughts and experiences using the Career Center and the services being offered. We are providing you an opportunity to give us your feedback. Use the link below to complete our short and anonymous survey. This should take no more than 3 minutes of your time.

    Link: Survey Link

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(813) 974-3087

RED - National Fellowships

  • Seeking Prospective Applicants for Fall Competitions

    The Office of National Scholarships is currently seeking prospective applicants for the following competitions: Fulbright, Gates-Cambridge, Gilman, Javits, Marshall, Mitchell, Rhodes, NSF, Rotary, Truman, Udall, USA Today, and Elie Wiesel Ethics Prize!

    For more information on these competitions, contact Mr. Mejias: .

RED has information on a wide variety of Scholarships and fellowships for graduate study. Please check the RED website and speak with Mr. Mejias.

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(813) 974-3087

The Office of Undergraduate Research

  • Research Project for Biology Students, Not Pre-med

    Project title: Biomechanics and physiology of ballistic tongues of salamanders and chameleons

    Description of Research:
    We are investigating how chameleons and salamanders can project their tongues ballistically long distances and with high power output. Currently we are examining the effects of environmental temperature on several aspects of tongue projection, including muscle activation patterns, muscle contractile dynamics and whole-animal performance. The goal is to understand how these animals can achieve such high performance when other ectothermic animals can barely move. What's particularly intriguing about these systems is that salamanders and chameleons have evolved their tongue projection independently and have arrived at a similar solution to the problem of moving in the cold: they shoot their tongues using elastic energy storage, like a bow and arrow.

    Please create a profile at by clicking MyURLogin on the bottom right and contact Ms. Carlton at

    Link: UR USF

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Student Submissions

  • Consider Taking a Language Class

    The World Language Department invites you to take part in learning a new language. Statistics prove that learning a foreign language opens the doors to many employment and social opportunities and is a terrific enhancement to your resume. All students are invited to enroll in the classes that are being offered for the fall 09 semester. For a full list please find the attached PDF.

    Link: Languages Offered

  • Information Technologies Help Desk (LIB 117) -- NOW HIRING

    The Information Technologies Help Desk provides general computing,email, networking, Blackboard and software support to the University community via telephone, e-mail, chat and walk-in.

    Student consultant positions at the Help Desk provide a valuable opportunity to strengthen professional and interpersonal skills as well as computing abilities. We are looking for individuals with superior customer service skills and excellent knowledge of computers.

    Please apply at:

    Link: IT Online Employment Application

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