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Upcoming Events

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Honors College

  • NEWS FLASH – We have changed the meeting point for the Convocation march. We will assemble by the reflecting pool/fountains on the north side of the Administration Building (ADM) at 12:45.

  • Dean's Update:

    Please make sure that you RSVP to events you’d like to attend. If you do not, and if the event is too crowded, you may not get in.

    Our Freshpeople 5 events are meant for you to have a good time, interact with your peers and learn a bit as well.  We want you to enjoy whatever events you choose to attend!  Attendance will be taken at all Freshpeople 5 events so please have your USF ID with you.  When you RSVP to an event, make sure you attend.  If you do not, you are depriving a colleague student of a spot; only documented absences will be excused.

    F08 thesis workshop video has been posted on Honors Blackboard. It is under Documents/Thesis/Fall 08 Thesis Workshop Just click the link and you will see the video.

    This is a reminder to our incoming Freshpeople. Our Convocation will be held on Friday, September 5.  We will gather by the reflecting pool/fountains on the north side of the Administration Building (ADM) promptly at 12:45 for the Processional.  Convocation should end by 2:30.

    We do not need any more panelists at this time.  Thanks to those of you who have volunteered!

    This edition of our newsletter contains information on what looks to be a unique symposium series.  The information will be on the Honors College web site and it is there that you can RSVP.  Generally speaking, 40 students is the limit for any Honors event so you need to sign up quickly.  You will notice several other events already on the web site that will allow you to meet Frank Morsani, a man who owned a large number of car dealerships across the country, is responsible for major league baseball in the Tampa bay area, has a building named for him on campus and has the main theater in town named for his wife.  Mr Morsani has served on numerous state and national commissions and boards and is someone you ought to meet.  You can also greet Hilarion Martinez.  Mr. Martinez is with the U.S. Department of State, Diplomat in Residence for the State of Florida. The topic is: Considering a Career in the U.S. Foreign Service.  Other opportunities will appear regularly.  These are informal settings in which you can get to question an important person and get some sense of what has made him/her successful.

    Please let me know if you want to play in the Honors Ensemble which will meet each Monday from 6:15 – 7:05.  If you play an instrument (including voice) this is a great way to keep your skills and have fun.

  • Mr. Frank Morsani will be coming for lunch on the 12th of September.

    Here is a bit about Mr. Morsani: As a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, I was privileged to represent the America business community throughout North America, Europe and Asia. I became involved in many areas of public policy; tax reform, interstate banking, wage and price controls, white collar crime, ballistic missiles in European countries, and international trade especially in Asia. As an advocate of these positions, I was invited to many countries to visit with political leaders, business leaders and make addresses to many world audiences. In the U.S., I was a keynote speaker on many University Campuses, state and local federations, and many Trade Association meetings. At the same time, I owned and managed 40 companies, not all at the same time; however, we did operate 10 or 12 all the time. We grew a company from 27 employees and 1 million in sales to 1000 employees and 800 million in sales. You know that Mr. Morsani donated the funds for the Carol Morsani Hall at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center and for the new Morsani Ambulatory care Center on Campus. The Tampa Bay Rays are here because of Mr. Morsani’s leadership.

  • This year's Honors College Colloquium comes to you in an altogether different new format. It challenges you to "Experience the Arts !" through an immediate, direct and personal encounter with artists and original art productions. Dr. Janet Moore, Professor of Music and Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, the organizer of the series, invites you to attend performances and shows, followed by discussions with the artists. From opera to musical to play, from print making to art exhibit and dance, USF's Fine Arts put themselves on display, exclusively for the benefit and enjoyment of USF's Honors College students.

    We will meet seven times this year during our traditional Colloquium time, Fridays from 1 to 2:30 p.m. Locations will vary. Lunch will be served when we meet in the Honors Lounge. You need to register online: go to the HC web site and sign up under Upcoming Events, but note that you commit to attending both, the performances and the discussions. The former will take place at other times and locations.

    Attention Freshmen: each event, in tandem, counts as one of the required Freshmen Five.

  • Honors Ensemble

    For those who wish to play in the Honors musical ensemble but not take the course for credit, please meet in the FAH (Fine Arts) courtyard at 6PM in Monday, September 8.  Bring your instrument (including voice).  The Honors College does have a drum kit so if you are a drummer, just bring your sticks.  The school of Music does have other percussion instruments (tympanis, vibes and the like) which are available to us.  If you don’t have an instrument, the music department may be able to lend you one. 

  • Thesis Mentors

    If students have not found mentors for thesis for Fall, they should set an appointment to speak to Dr. Yavneh or Penny Carlton as soon as possible. Please contact the Honors College office at (813) 974-3087

  • Thesis Students

    If you missed the workshop, the video is located on BlackBoard

  • Outstanding Senior

    If you are graduating in December and have a good record of service, you could be the Outstanding Senior.  You cannot receive that high honor if you don’t apply! -=Application=-

  • Honors College Paid Tutoring Positions

    The Honors College is offering paid tutoring positions in the various subjects. See the Honors web site for details.

    For more information contact Danielle Locke at
    To Apply visit:
    To Apply for tutoring visit:

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RED - National Fellowships

  • R.E.D.

    Would you like to know more about national competitions, such as the Rhodes Scholarship, the Marshall Scholarship, and the Pickering Fellowship?  Make an appointment by calling 974-3087 and mark your calendars now! Appointments are available for: Mondays 10AM-12PM; Tuesdays 10AM-12PM; Wednesdays 230PM-430PM; and Fridays 830AM-10AM Do you prefer to walk in?  Our walk-in hours are: Mondays 2PM-430PM; Tuesdays 1PM-3PM; Wednesdays 10AM-12PM; and Fridays 3PM-430PM


    Still can’t make it in?  E-mail Mr. Mejias:

  • Do you:
    • hope to be a "change agent," in time, improving the ways that government agencies, nonprofit organizations, or educational institutions serve the public? 
    • believe there are conditions in our society or the environment which trouble you?
    • want to work in government, education, the nonprofit sector, or the public interest/advocacy sector to improve these conditions? 
    • plan to get a master's degree, a doctorate, or a professional degree such as a law degree or a Master of Public Administration, Master of Public Health, Master of Social Work, Master of Education, Master of Public Policy, or Master of International Affairs?
    The Truman Foundation Scholarship may be right for you!  Want to know more?  Contact RED!

  • Mississippi Teacher Corps is now accepting applications for 2009.  The first application deadline is October 14th, 2008.  Next year's class will begin, tentatively, on June 2nd, 2009.  Check out our Facebook group, "Join the Mississippi Teacher Corps," here.What is the Mississippi Teacher Corps? The Mississippi Teacher Corps is the most competitive teaching program in the country. The two-year program, designed for non-education majors, recruits college graduates to teach in the Mississippi Delta (and other critical-needs areas of Mississippi) and offers a host of benefits, including teacher training and certification, a full scholarship for a master's degree in education, job placement that includes full pay and benefits and, most importantly, the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students in one of the poorest areas of the country.For more information about the Teacher Corps please visit the web site, watch our YouTube clips, read the blogs, view participant profiles, and see our photos.  Be sure to check out the Recruiting Page which has all recruiting documents in PDF format.

  • PS2 : Program for Scholars in Public Service

    At the University of South Florida we believe in the importance of service, and we believe in supporting students who wish to serve their communities.  It is in that context that we offer the Program for Scholars in Public Service (PS2).  The program is open to a select group of First-Year undergraduate students; second-year students may be considered if space is available. 

    PS2  works with students to foster service, global engagement and research by providing a framework for undergraduate students who want to strengthen and maintain their commitment to serving communities locally in Tampa Bay, nationally and globally.  We believe that students with these skills and experiences are greatly advantaged when they apply to graduate and professional schools or when considered for the very best jobs.

    • Volunteer hours will be eligible for Presidential Volunteer Service Awards
    • Additional scholarships/funding; study abroad support
    • Special advising
    • National scholarship preparation
    • Opportunity to publish in Ut Prosim: The Journal of Scholars in Public Service
    • Multi-year commitment to your personal development
    • Promote public service as a vital aspect of the undergraduate experience
    • Integration of service and scholarship
    • Recognizing students who perform outstanding service

    To qualify for this exciting program, you must have an SAT score of at least 1200 or an ACT score of 28, as well as a weighted high school GPA of 3.5 or higher, and complete an application.  To learn more about PS2, contact Mr. Mejias:

  • Does Japanese culture interest you?  Would you spend a year in Japan?  Think about applying for the JET Programme!  If you are an enthusiastic, motivated and dedicated individual why not embark upon a journey that will change your life? Each year the JET Programme, with the aid of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, recruits thousands of new participants to come to Japan and experience a new and unique way of life.  Participants are assigned to be either Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) who provide language instruction in elementary, junior and senior high schools; Coordinators for International Relations (CIRs) who work in communities on international exchange activities; or Sports Exchange Advisors (SEAs) who promote international exchange through sports. Participants are placed with local government organizations throughout Japan in every imaginable locality, including large cities, small and medium-sized towns, and rural farming and fishing villages.  A one year term on the JET Programme could be just what you are looking for to broaden your horizons and take a different step in life. For more information about applying for the JET Programme, e-mail Mr. Mejias ( now!

  • Campus Deadlines for 2009 Competitions:

    Sept 10: Rhodes (graduate study at Oxford, )
                   Marshall (graduate study at UK Universities, )
                   Gates-Cambridge (graduate study at Cambridge, )
                   Mitchell (graduate study in Ireland, )

    Oct 1: Fulbright (study abroad, )
               Goldwater (graduate study in math, science or engineering, )

    Nov 1: Truman (graduate study in International Affairs,
                Carnegie Junior Fellows (international affairs,

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  • Medical Research in Pinellas.

    REQ 20 hr/week commitment-- Disorders affecting the brain and spinal cord display altered gene expression profiles that are detrimental to the function and survival of neurons. We are investigating the underlying mechanisms and factors important to the health of neurons in the central nervous system with molecular biology approaches. Please contact Ms. Carlton at if you are interested and create a profile at

  • Need a mentor? Take a look at the new placements listed under the SEARCH tab of our web site: Then, set a meeting with Ms. Carlton, Research Advisor, by calling (813) 974-6824 or emailing with a day/time that is best for you.

  • Have a mentor? Please update us! You receive a free t-shirt when you stop by and let us know. You can also update your information by logging in to our web site.

  • The Office of Undergraduate Research has many new exciting opportunities in disciplines throughout the university! Please create a profile at our web site ( and then make an appointment ( or phone 974-6824).

  • If you have published or presented with your mentor, please be sure to send us the pertinent bibliographic information for our records.

    • Naomi Yavneh, Ph.D.
      Director, Office of Undergraduate Research; Associate Professor, Humanities; The Honors College University of South Florida 4202 East Fowler Avenue, SVC 1088 Tampa, FL 33620 813 974-4241
(813) 974-6824


HCSC - Honors College Student Council

  • Honors Council is a student led organization with a mission to promote a sense of community within the Honors College and enable the personal growth and academic success of all Honors students.

    Honors Council Fall 2008 Schedule:
    • Sept 2: First General Meeting 4:30 SVC 1099
    • Sept 14: Fall Picnic 11am-2pm Riverfront Park
    • Sept 26: Dodgeball Upper Gym 6-9pm (tentative)
    • Oct 10/11: Camping in Fort DeSoto
    • Oct 25: Boys and Girls Club - Location and Time TBA
    • Week of November 3: Freshman Event - Details TBA
    • Nov 17: Cards for Troops - Details TBA

      Get involved with the Honors College at the first HCSC General Meeting! We will be planning Honors College events for the Spring, 2009 semester. Snacks will be served. Come and share your ideas with other Honors College students and make this year’s events better than ever! See you there!

      Honors Council will meet every Tuesday at 4:30pm in the Honors Lounge. The Council will be having reappointments in November. If you are interested in applying for a leadership position, make sure you join Honors Council and keep in mind the following dates. Nov 3: Applications available Week of Nov 10: Interviews Nov 21: Appointments announced by 5:00pm

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Student Submissions

  • Engineering Research Assistants Needed!

    Professor Ferekides from USF's Electrical Engineering Dept is looking for students interested in working on a study/project involving the generation and storage of solar energy. Chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineering majors; juniors or seniors. Please contact Dr. Ferekides at (813) 974-4818 or by email at

  • International Photo and Video Competition – Deadline for submission: October 17, 2008 Submit your entry for the 2008 Annual International Photo and Video Competition! The competition is open to USF students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Photographs submitted should capture an observation made or experience had while traveling outside the United States. For entry details and to view the previous winners visit

    Former U.S. Ambassador Vicki Huddleston – Tuesday, September 30, 2008 Join International Affairs and the International Business Board on Tuesday September 30th, 2008 at 2:00 pm in the Marshall Center (room TBD) to hear the Honorable Vicki Huddleston, (former US Ambassador to Mali) will be at USF on speak to students and faculty about her work as a US ambassador. Ambassador Huddleston’s talk is titled "Africa and Cuba - What the Next Administration Should Do."

  • I am looking for an honors undergraduate for a project I’d like to run in conjunction with Jody Harwood’s lab.  We hope to get someone amenable to the American Microbiologists Society program for ugrads.  The project is to characterize gut microbe diversity in sparrows from all over the globe.  The majority will be lab work, but there may be some opportunity for field work and perhaps even travel. I’d like to get someone as soon as possible, as we have the samples already. Please contact Lynn Martin in the Biology Department

  • Cognitive/Neuro Psychology lab looking for an Honors College student who can work at least 10 hrs a week in the lab, is at least a sophomore (preferably a junior), and has at least a 3.0 overall GPA. We are able to offer course credit of up to 3 credit hours for their work in the lab if they sign up the first week of classes.

    One project is an ongoing project that is investigating the impact of adolescent binge alcohol exposure on alcohol consumption in adulthood in male and female rats. Another experiment will begin sometime in the middle of the semester which is involved in investigating the impact of social interaction with an alcohol-intoxicated peer on environmental preferences and drinking behavior in adolescent male and female rats.

    Please create a profile at and contact Ms. Carlton at

  • Research Assistants Need at Moffitt

    I am a recent graduate of USF Honors College currently working with Dr. Benjamin Craig at Moffitt Cancer Center. We are looking to fill one research assistant II position and wanted to see if there were any Honors College juniors or seniors that were pre-med or similar basic sciences majors.

    This is a paid PRN (as needed) research assistant II position at Moffitt Research Center and the student must be willing to work Monday-Friday, a minimum of 20 hours or more.  Hours and days are variable and schedule flexibility can be discussed with Dr. Craig at the interview. The pay range depending on experience is between $10.93 - $13.84. More details can be found on the Moffitt web site using the link provided below. If any students are interested we ask that they apply for the position through Moffitt directly via the following link:

  • Reily & Rosas, P.A. is a CPA firm located in Temple Terrace, Florida. We currently have positions open for students with an interest in exposure to a professional office environment and plan to hire several students to fulfill our needs. The advantage we offer to USF students has always been flexible schedules, location less than one mile from campus, great working environment with competitive pay and on-the-job training. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm with an hour lunch between noon and 1pm. From February 15th to April 15th, our hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturdays 9am to 2pm. Please e-mail us your complete resume to and put “Resume for Open Position” in the Subject line. REILY & ROSAS, P.A. (813) 988-4143

  • Needed: 3-4 Volunteer Experiment Research Assistants

    I am a former Honors College graduate and currently a Doctoral Candidate and NSF Graduate Research Fellow in the Computer Science and Engineering Department. No experience is needed for the volunteer researchers. I can train the students on anything that they would need to do. The duties include assisting with conducting a comprehensive research study. They will assist with operating video equipment and processing the videos, psychophysiology equipment operation and measurements, data collection, data analysis, and possibly assist with monitoring and operating pre-programmed robots. This study is designed to evaluate participants' reactions to 2 search and rescue robots in a confined space simulated disaster setting. This will be a great experience to see the entire research process and I will be happy to mentor the students in the research process. Students contributing to the research analysis and efforts will be included in publications. I will work out a schedule for the students that will work with their current academic demands. I want this to be a positive experience for the students involved. I will also be willing to write letters of recommendation for students that perform well in this study. The most important qualities are dependability, honesty, integrity, and eagerness to learn and help.



  • On-Campus Job Opportunity

    Hello, my name is Mary Clift and I am the new manager for Information Technology computer labs on campus.  I am looking for students to work part-time in the labs during their operating hours.  The duties are fairly simple – they need a basic knowledge of Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007.  I have posted a job listing with the Career Center, job #22395.

  • RISE Scholarship

    The College of Engineering and the Institute on Black Life are again sponsoring the RISE (Resource in Support of Education) Scholarship Program for 2008/2009.

    Accepted Majors: engineering, engineering technology, computer science, computer engineering, mathematics and science.

    Qualifications: US Citizen or Permanent Resident, enrolled full-time, financial need, 2.7 GPA or above, associates degree or Junior with at least 45 hours.

    Application Deadline: September 12, 2008

    Contact: Clara Cobb, FAO 274, 974-9387

  • Opportunity for USF Minority Students Involved in Honors Sponsored Biomedical/Behavioral Science Related Research

    This year, the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) will be held in Orlando at Walt Disney World.  Annually, ABRCMS is the largest, multidisciplinary professional conference for biomedical students attracting approximately 2,600 individuals. Students come from over 285 U.S. colleges and universities. The conference is designed to encourage underrepresented minority students to pursue advanced training in the biomedical and behavioral sciences and provide faculty mentors and advisors with resources for facilitating students’ success.   The conference’s web site is located at More than 280 representatives from graduate programs (M.D., MD/Ph.D., and Ph.D.) at top tier US colleges and universities ( as well as scientists from government agencies, foundations, and professional scientific societies join ABRCMS in the exhibitors program to share information about graduate school and summer internship opportunities. During the three-day conference, 1,000 students participate in poster and oral presentations in nine sub disciplines in the biomedical and behavioral sciences. All undergraduate student presentations are judged and those receiving the highest scores in each scientific discipline and in each educational level will be given an award during the final banquet.

    The deadline for both is September 5.
      If they wish any travel support, the students may via two separate mechanisms.  Please see below:

    1. ABRCMS Travel Award
    Application Deadline: Friday, September 5, 2008 at 11:59 p.m. PST
    The ABRCMS award provides up to $1,500 to cover registration, housing and travel (airfare and ground transportation).
    Guidelines and Application Requirements
    Travel Award Submission Site - Now Open! ABRCMS TA Questions? Contact (202) 942-9348 or

    2. FASEB MARC Program Travel Award
    Application Deadline:
    Friday, October 10, 2008
    The FASEB award provides up to $1,650 to be used for travel related expenses and/or conference registration.
    Decisions are made on a rolling basis.
    General Information and Application
    FASEB TA Questions? Contact (301) 634-7020 or

  • As with previous years, USF Athletics, the Academic Enrichment Center staff, and USF’s 505 student-athletes are poised and excited for another successful year on the playing field and in the classroom.  We are all looking forward to the beginning of classes and the start of our fall sports’ seasons.  The fall semester also marks the beginning of our recruitment of exceptional students to complete our Team of Tutors and Academic Mentors, which leads me to the purpose of my message.  The following job description has been posted on USF’s Career Connections, but I was hoping you would be willing to forward/distribute to any of your student populations.  In addition, if you are willing and able to make any specific recommendation, we really appreciate referrals. the job description details our preferred qualifications, but most importantly, we are looking for students with the ability to communicate course and subject material with energy, positivity and as much enthusiasm as possible.  We take great pride in creating an environment that is very tutor-friendly and developing professional relationships that often times last well beyond one semester – we have more than five tutors who are about to start their third year in our department.                                           Application Instructions:                                                         

    If you are interested in becoming an Athletics Tutor, please visit the following web site and complete the linked form. Walk-ins and unscheduled appointments will not be accepted.

    Following the initial review of potential candidate’s grades and applications, qualified tutors will be contacted and interviewed/given a tour of facilities.

    Walk-ins and unscheduled appointments will not be accepted.
  • The Career Center’s web site

    The Exploring Occupations page lists resources in alphabetic order.  In particular, the information in Health Careers and Sloan Career Cornerstone Center can be very helpful to students considering majors/careers in science &/or health professions.

    UPDATE: Fall 2008 Career Center activities can be found here in PDF 


If you would like to be included in future editions of "Know-a-BULL News", email submissions to Dr. Stuart Silverman at for consideration.

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