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Week of 09/08/2009 - Issue # 78

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Upcoming Events

RSS Feed Upcoming Events
 9/8/2009 Lunch w/ Honors Deans and Advisors
 9/9/2009 Getting Started in Research Workshop
 9/13/2009 HCSC Fall Picnic
 9/14/2009 "The IRB Process" Workshop
 9/14/2009 Honors Council General Meeting
 9/14/2009 Evening with: USF Grad Jordan Zimmerman
 9/16/2009 Florida Appeals Court Judge Patricia Kelly
 9/21/2009 Honors Council General Meeting
 9/21/2009 "Using On-Line Databases" Workshop
 9/23/2009 Mr. Martinez, Diplomat in Residence
 9/23/2009 HCSC- Dodgeball
* "Freshpeople 5 Events"

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Honors College

Dean's Update:

    Please check the website so you can sign up for the many programs we are offering. Remember your Freshman Five obligation.

    1. Here is a way to travel, present research, have fun and improve your resume at no cost to you.

    This is a professional conference which accepts student papers. It is unusual in that it focuses on the social and behavioral sciences, business and education.

    Please let me know if you are working on a research project and I will help you with the proposal. We will pay all expenses of those presentations approved by me and accepted by the conference. I must hear from you no later than September 15.

    American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences
    Thirteenth Annual Meeting
    February 4 - February 5, 2010
    Las Vegas, Nevada


    Paper presentations or workshops that deal with the broad range of subject matter of relevance to behavioral and social scientists are encouraged. Suitable subject areas include:
    • emerging themes and trends in disciplines
    • research in the behavioral/social sciences
    • issues in teaching
    • curriculum development
    • workshops on teaching and other skills
    • technology as a pedagogical tool
    • faculty and administrative concerns
    • working with students
    • international/global concerns
    • racial/ethnic/gender/disability issues
    • health and well-being
    • round table discussions of timely topics

    Relevant disciplines include:
    Accounting/Anthropology/Behavioral Sciences/Business/Community Studies/ Economics/Communications/Criminology, Criminal Justice/Education/Geography/History/Family Studies/ Gerontology/Human Development/Human Relations/Human Resources/Labor Studies/International Relations/Psychology/Political Science/Social Work/Sociology/Urban Studies/Women's Studies/Men's Studies

    For more information, go to

    2. We have started to post our events for the semester. There is something for everyone but spots are limited so it is important that you sign up early. We have a judge, transplant surgeon, head of the USF Board of Trustees (which sets your tuition, among other things), CEO of one of the largest AD agencies in the United States, head of the Tampa Chamber of Commerce and others. We restrict the audiences to 40 so that you can get to know and question guests. We always have food or snacks.

    There are also social events you may attend and service projects to volunteer for.

    You may sign up by going to the Honors College website. IF YOU SIGN UP FOR AN EVENT YOU MUST ATTEND UNLESS YOU HAVE A DOCUMENTED EXCUSE-an absence means that you are taking someone's spot and that is not a "classy" thing to do.

    Freshpeople, remember you must attend 5 events so sign up early.

    3. The Honors musical ensemble will meet at 6PM in FAH 101 on Monday September 14. Please be there if you play or sing.

  • Organic Chemistry Tutors needed!

    The Holcombe Tutoring program is looking for students who are interested in tutoring students in Organic Chemistry 1. This is a paid position. Interested students should complete the application in the attached link.

    Link: Tutor Application Form

  • Exciting Guest Speaker from U.S. State Department

    On Wednesday, September 23, Mr. Hilarion Martinez, Diplomat in Residence, will be speaking about employment opportunities and paid internships with the U.S. State Department.

    The presentation will be held from 9:30-11:00am in the College of Business, room 115.

    Link: State Department Internships

  • Career Center On-Campus Interview Workshops

    Interested in interviewing for full time positions and internships with great companies right here on campus? This semester the Career Center is hosting these workshops in order to teach you how to navigate and sign up for interviews using Career Connections, so interview opportunities never pass you by again!

    Please call the Career Center (813) 974-2171 to sign up for one of these interactive 30 minute workshops:

    September 15 - 10:00
    September 23 - 10:00
    September 17 - 4:00
    September 28 - 10:00
    September 21 - 11:00
    October 6 - 3:00

  • Honors Virtual Advising

    The Honors College Advisors are now available for online virtual advising. To learn more about chatting online with an advisor, click the Virtual Advising icon on the Honors website or log into Blackboard and launch Elluminate through the Communications tab.

    Link: Virtual Advising

  • Calling all freshmen

    Calling all Freshmen: please, let Dr. Kleine know if you have done some unusual travel prior to coming to USF ? We would like to gather a panel of freshmen who have, to encourage the others.

  • Deadline to apply for Fall Graduation

    The deadline to apply for Fall 2009 graduation is Friday, September 18.

    Link: Graduation Application

  • Registering for Honors Events

    Due to limited space, some Honors College events require you to RSVP. You may see a listing of all upcoming Honors events in the 'Upcoming Events' section of the Honors website ( Clicking an event will take you to a description on the calendar page. If the event requires an RSVP you will be able to do so there.

    To see how many FreshPeople 5 events you have attended, to view outstanding RSVPs, or to CANCEL your RSVP please use the 'My Events' portion of the website located at Clicking on MYEVENTS will give you a list of events you are registered for and each has a box next to it to click if you need to cancel your RSPV. If you must cancel your RSVP please do so as quickly as you can so that the seat will open up for another student.

    Note that you must bring your USF ID card to all Honors Events. If you do not have your student ID we will be unable to mark you in attendance for FreshPeople 5 credit.

    Link: My Events

  • New Grading Policy for Science/Pre-Med Majors

    Effective Fall 2009, the Biology and Chemistry Departments have instituted a new policy for students who receive D/F grades in major applicable courses. Please visit the Honors College Blackboard organization for full details. This policy will impact new and continuing USF students.

  • H1N1 Information -- IMPORTANT Note from Dr. Yavneh

    Student Health Services and the Florida Department of Health are expecting that 25% or more of USF's students will be affected by H1N1 (swine flu) this season. This illness is marked by the SUDDEN onset of fever (100.5+), severe body ache and a cough. You should call your health care provider, but, because anti-viral medications are not very effective against this type of flu, you will probably not need to be seen unless you have or are at high risk for complications. You should plan on staying at home until you have been fever-free (without medication) for 24 hours.

    To help prevent the flu, please wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes.

    As a precaution, we recommend you stock up on tissues, ibuprofen and a THERMOMETER in advance, since health care providers will want to know your temperature when you call. As a Jewish mother, I also recommend that you buy a couple of cans of chicken soup, just in case.

    If you are ill, do NOT come to the Honors College but email or phone us instead. Rather than attend class, please phone your health care provider or the student health services. They will likely ask you your temperature, which is why we highly recommend you buy yourself a thermometer.

  • Financial Literacy and Alcohol Edu Grades

    The grades for the Life Skills Tutorials may take up to two weeks to be posted.

    If you have questions about Financial Literacy, please contact the financial aid office. If you have questions about Alcohol Edu, please contact Jennifer Fuller at student health services.

  • Undergraduate Scholar Award

    This message is for all of our Honors students but particularly those who are incoming Freshpeople and those getting ready to start their second USF year.

    It is not too early to think about the kinds of activities you want to participate in; now is a particularly good time to do that since classes have not yet begun. All of these opportunities will enhance your education and your resume so that when you get ready to apply to graduate or professional school or for a great job, you will be competitive with the best students across the country.

    I would like to introduce you to one of USF's highest recognitions: the Undergraduate Scholar Award. As a national research University with a global mission, students are recognized for serving the community, conducting research, and experiencing the world's diversity. Designed to foster your personal, intellectual and cultural growth, the Undergraduate Scholar Award would add depth to your University of South Florida academic experience. In addition to facilitating research opportunities, this innovative program will support you to engage in meaningful service and make 'connections' with the global community. While important in their own right, these activities also make you competitive for prestigious national awards such as the Rhodes, Marshall, and Truman scholarships. In general, these awards are designed for creative, visionary, academically strong students. Some awards are for graduate/professional study in the United States; some are for study at Oxford, Cambridge, Glasgow, or at many other world-class institutions.

    To achieve our goals, over the next four years, you will complete four components as an Undergraduate Scholar: provide service to the community, conduct mentored undergraduate research, pursue an international experience, and write an integrative essay. We will reward you with praise and a handsome medallion at graduation. Further, both your transcript and diploma will identify you as an Undergraduate Scholar. You are ready to achieve, we are ready to support your efforts!

    If you would like further information about the Undergraduate Scholar Award, please email Mr. Mejias at


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RED - National Fellowships

  • Seeking Prospective Applicants for Fall Competitions

    The Office of National Scholarships is currently seeking prospective applicants for the following competitions: Fulbright, Gates-Cambridge, Gilman, Javits, Marshall, Mitchell, Rhodes, NSF, Rotary, Truman, Udall, USA Today, and Elie Wiesel Ethics Prize!

    For more information on these competitions, contact Mr. Mejias: .

RED has information on a wide variety of Scholarships and fellowships for graduate study. Please check the RED website and speak with Mr. Mejias.

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The Office of Undergraduate Research

  • Conjure Journal Information

    Have you had experience writing for academic publications? Might you like to be involved in other ways, such as editing, etc?

    The Office of Undergraduate Research is beginning a new cycle with Conjure, our research journal. However, we are not sure who will be taking charge.

    If you are interested in participating in the creative writing process with Conjure, please email Lauren Schumacher at We will respond to you with more information when it becomes available. Thank you!

    Link: Lauren Schumacher

  • Hurricane Research Project Opportunity

    Interested in being part of a hurricane research team or contributing volunteer community service hours?

    Would you like to work in a large interdisciplinary research team examining hurricane evacuation behavior?

    We are looking for students to join the team. Learn about the research process, learn about social aspects of hurricane evacuations and develop interview skills as we perform a research study on people leaving during a hurricane evacuation. In addition to research this is a community service project where we will be handing out hurricane guides. You will also have some research experience to put on your resume as you network and make new contacts with people largely in other field such as Geography, Sociology and statistics. You must be willing to travel with the group at the time a hurricane evacuation is ordered in Florida. Please email Dr. Jennifer Collins ASAP if you are interested at so more information can be provided to you and you can learn about training sessions etc.


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USF Honors College Student Council

  • HCSC's Blog

    The Honors Student Council blog, The Pulse, is currently seeking writers, photographers, and a historian. Candidates must be creative, committed, and able to complete at least one assignment per month. Those interested are asked to send a sample of their writing or photography to Sarah Monson at

  • Upper Class Council Students Needed

    We are looking for returning Council students to join us for Convocation on 09/04. If interested please meet in SVC 1101 at 12:30 (Chelsea's office) and we will walk over to the Marshall Student Center as a group.

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Student Submissions

  • ASME Welcome Back BBQ

    The officers of ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) would like to invite you to our annual Welcome Back BBQ. Come out and learn more about the organization, meet the officers, and enjoy free food. You do NOT need to be a Mechanical Engineering student to attend.

    When: Wednesday September 9th, 2009
    Where: North Lawn of the Research Park Building

    Link: USF ASME

  • Sign Up for USF Dance Marathon

    Dance Marathon is back again for another round. Dance Marathon is a 17-hour charity event for All Children's Hospital that will be held on the 27th of March 2010. All you have to do for this is create or join a team and do some fundraising and then wait until the big night where you and all your friends can dance until your heart's content.

    Sign up online to create or join at team and start fundraising!

    Link: Help Make Miracles

  • Accesi-Bull Showcase

    October 26, 2009
    Marshall Center
    9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

    See the flyer for more information.

    Link: Accesi-BULL 2009

  • Volunteer and Leadership Opportunities

    An Honors College student is starting a charity and is seeking volunteers to assist in the project. The purpose of the charity is to provide Necessity Bags for women in domestic violence shelters. These bags will include everyday essentials such as soap, razors, shampoo, etc.

    The following positions need to be filled: Secretary, Director of Communications, 2 Co-directors of Charitable Events and 2 Co-directors of Fundraising. Volunteers will be expected to make a 3-5 hour/week commitment. Contact Amber Schmidt at if you are interested.

  • Get Carded's First Meeting

    Get Carded is a student organization that is dedicated about spreading awareness and clearing up misconceptions about organ and tissue donation. Come learn about donation and enjoy free cookies and treats! Our first meeting will be held on Sept 3, 2009 at 12pm in the Marshall Center (CLCE lounge on the first floor). E-mail Tami Mendelson with any questions:

    Look forward to seeing you there!


  • International Affairs Events 2009

    2009 International Photo & Video Competition:
    International Affairs is proud to sponsor the annual International Photo Competition, open to all USF students, faculty, staff, and alumni! International Affairs is again partnering with the UFS Film & Video Association to host the Second Annual International Video Competition. Prizes are awarded in each category. More information can be found in the attached flyer and on our web site at

    International Education Week 2009:
    International Affairs celebrates international education and exchange worldwide between November 16 and November 20, 2009. Each year USF hosts a variety of events across campus, promoting and commemorating international academic exchange. To participate in International Education Week 2009, contact Samira Obeid at

    Education Abroad Fair, Fall 2009:
    The Education Abroad Fair Fall 2009 will be held on September 24, 2009 outside the Marshall Center from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm. The fair will give students the opportunity to study in various destinations across the globe. Opportunities include semester exchange, short term programs, service learning, volunteering, internships and dual degree opportunities.

    Link: Photo Video Poster Application

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