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Week of 10/27/2009 - Issue # 85

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Upcoming Events

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 10/28/2009 Documentary: Invisible Children ...
 10/28/2009 An Evening with Federal Judge Richard Lazzara
 10/29/2009 Q and A with Research Mentors
 10/30/2009 Pre-Thesis Workshop w/the Deans
 10/31/2009 Drop Deadline - Fall 2009
 10/31/2009 HCSC Boys and Girls Club
 11/2/2009 Honors Council General Meeting
 11/3/2009 An Afternoon with: Les and Pam Muma
 11/4/2009 Meet w/: Duke Univ. Grad School Rep
 11/4/2009 "Oral Presentation Skills" Workshop
* "Freshpeople 5 Events"

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Honors College

Dean's Update:

    Just two steps from the Supreme Court sits Judge Richard Lazzara. He is a Federal Court Judge in Tampa and handles some of the most important cases to face our courts. Come meet him Wednesday at 5, have some pizza and ask the kinds of questions you've always wanted to of a judge who is at the top.

    If you are a business major you really ought to attend the Pam and Les Muma session next week. As business majors it is critical that you understand what it takes to make it; and connection can't hurt either.

    Of course, these are Freshpeople 5 events (and some of you have not yet begun the responsibility YOU agreed to by entering Honors).

  • Panama: Beyond the Classroom Spring 2010

    Are you looking for a class that will take you outside the box? Panama: Beyond the Classroom is an Honors course for spring 2010 and will satisfy the requirement for either IDH 4200 Honors Geographical Perspective or IDH 4000 Major Works Major Issues. This course is designed to give students a hands-on, global experience to enhance their understanding of topics such as Panamanian culture and current issues facing developing countries, research opportunities, the principles of service-learning, as well as beginning dialogue about philosophies of personal and global leadership & service. This is a semester long course with an international travel component. Travel dates are March 6th - 13th, spring break 2010. Applications are available at the front desk of the Honors College SVC 1088. Application packets are due by November 30th, 2009 to be turned in to the front desk of the Honors College.

    For more questions please contact Mr. Lucien or Mr. Mejias.

  • Global Health Essay -- Win $1000

    The CSIS Commission on Smart Global Health is seeking essay submissions that answer the following question in 500-800 words by midnight, November 20th 2009:

    "What is the most important thing the U.S. can do to improve global health over the next 15 years?"


  • Thesis and Permit Forms

    The Thesis Registration and Permit Request forms for Spring 2010 are now available on the Honors College website under "Online Forms".

  • Fall 2009 Honors College Graduation Ceremony

    The Fall 2009 Honors Graduation Ceremony will take place on Friday, December 11, at 3:30pm in Traditions Hall of the Alumni Center. Invitations will be emailed to potential graduates in late October.

  • Duke Nicholas School of the Environment

    On Wednesday, November 4, from 12:00-1:00pm, Lauren Stulgis from Duke will be speaking to students about graduate programs at the Nicholas School of the Environment. More specific information may be found on the Honors calendar. Refreshments will be served.

    Link: Nicholas School of the Environment

  • Join the team for the 2009 Tampa Bay Start! Heart Walk

    Cardiovascular disease, is the leading cause of death in this country, and claims almost as many lives each year as the next 7 leading causes of death combined.

    The USF Honors College/Undergraduate Research team will be participating in this year's Start! Heart Walk by walking and by raising funds that are needed for heart disease and stroke research and education. The walk will be on Saturday, November 14th at 8am. It will be held at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. Each year the money that is raised by USF is given back to USF in the form of grants for cardiovascular research and education.

    To join our team, click on the link below and you will be taken to the web page. On the web page, click My Team Page and Join our Team to register online! You can use the online fund-raising tool to email your friends, family and colleagues to ask them to support our team and our cause! The more people we have working to defeat heart disease and stroke-the better, so please join me today!

    This year the USF Honors College/Undergraduate Research team fund-raising goal is $1,000.00. However, you do not have to raise money to participate; you can sign up just to be a walker.

    For more information about the Heart Walk please contact Lauren Schumacher at


  • Registration for Spring/Graduation Checks

    Registration for the Spring 2010 semester begins Monday, November 2nd. Students will be able to log in to their OASIS accounts the week of October 26 to view their specific time of registration on November 2 - to view the time once in OASIS, click on Student, Registration, and then select Spring 2010 as the term.

    In preparation for registration, we encourage students to call 813-974-3087 or stop by SVC 1088 to schedule an advising appointment. All first year Honors students (regardless of the number of accelerated credits earned) are required to meet with an advisor before being able to register.

    Also, please be sure to check OASIS to make sure you do not have any holds that will prevent registration. The only hold you should have prior to November 2 is the Registration Appointment Time Hold (this virtual hold will be lifted once your assigned registration time occurs). Please note that there may be additional holds (cash collections, parking services, final transcript needed from Admissions, etc) that will prevent you from registering for spring courses. I strongly encourage you to check your OASIS account (once logged in, click on Student, then Registration, then Registration Status) during the weeks ahead to make sure that you address any holds that may arise.

    For students planning to graduate in May 2010, please schedule an advising appointment with your departmental major advisor prior to registration to confirm that you will meet all degree requirements by the end of spring.

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The Office of Undergraduate Research

  • Volunteers Needed on Halloween Day

    One of our research and honors alumna is now managing a pediatric office that is holding a Fall Festival at Riverhills park on October 31st. If you would like to volunteer to run an activity or just be a good worker bee please email Mimi Ghosh by October 23rd.

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USF Honors College Student Council

  • Eboard Applications

    Honors Council Eboard Applications are available on our website. Applications are due this Thursday, 10/29 by 5pm. Please schedule a short meeting with the current chair of your 1st and 2nd choices BEFORE your interview with Mr. Lucien and Chelsea. Interview appointments can be made over email with Chelsea or in her office, SVC 1101. Interviews will be conducted during the weeks of 11/2-11/13.

  • Honors Council Facebook

    Add USF HCSC as a friend on Facebook to get the newest updates and event information about the Honors Council!

    Link: USF HCSC Facebook

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Student Submissions

  • Kosove scholarship

    Looking for a scholarship that covers your tuition, books, housing, food service, and other academic related fees? Come out Wednesday November 4, 2009 to Movies on the Lawn for an informational session to see if you are eligible.

  • MCAT Tutor Needed

    A fellow Honors student is in need of a private MCAT tutor, and is willing to pay. Please contact Katlin at Thanks!

  • Emerging Leaders Institute 2010

    The Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement invites you to apply to this incredible weekend excursion that prepares Freshmen to take on leadership roles at USF. It will be a fun, interactive experience to help students enhance their understanding of leadership and create lasting friendships!

    Leadership retreat: JAN 23&24,2010
    Application deadline: NOV 11,2009

    Link: Emerging Leaders Application

  • New Parliamentary Debate Program!

    If you are a former high school debater or are interested in debating at the college level, contact for information on the new parliamentary debate and forensics program.

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