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Week of 11/03/2008 - Issue # 37 

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Upcoming Events

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Honors College

  • Because Thesis is the cornerstone of the Honors College experience, we have established Thesis Day, on which students are given the opportunity to present their theses in a public forum.

    All graduating students and those who are currently enrolled in the first semester of thesis are required to attend at least one of the 1 hour sessions during the day. Each session also counts as a Freshpeople 5 event.

    This semester, Thesis Day will be Friday, December 5. The event will take place from 9 AM until 4 PM. Each student will present for 15-20 minutes. PowerPoint presentations are permitted but not required. A 10-15 minute discussion will follow.

    Freshpeople, please remember that you must have attended 5 Honors College events by the end of spring semester. That means you should make sure that you do at least 2 or 3 events by December 1. Please sign up today for the events youd like to attend!

  • December Graduates: we will be contacting you within the next week with information about the Honors College graduation reception/ceremony to take place on Friday, December 12. If you applied for graduation late (after September 19), please contact Ms. Sturrock at to make sure you are included in our graduation list.

  • Dean's Update:

    The next colloquium will take place in the Contemporary Art Museum on campus.  This will be very interesting; Alexa Favata will talk about the Contemporary Art Museum’s exhibit Audience & Avatar.  This is your chance to talk with someone about what makes art, art
      and how does art become valued.
    Please visit Audience and Avatar Exhibit prior to the talk. The exhibit runs Oct. 24- Dec. 13, M-F 10am- 5pm, Sat. 1- 4pm.  Of course, this is a freshpeople 5 event.

    Jeff Multer is the Concertmaster of the Florida Orchestra; that makes him the principal musician in a nationally acclaimed orchestra. He is coming to meet you in An Evening With at 5 PM on Thursday, November 20 in the Lounge. This is your opportunity to find out about the technical, musical and business aspects of a major symphony orchestra and probably the only time you will ever meet a concertmaster.  This event is particularly important if you are a Visual and Performing Arts student. As always, food will be served and this is a Freshpeople 5 event.

    The Honors College musical ensemble (The Rubber Band) will perform on 11/19 at 7 pm in FAH 101.  This is a Freshpeople 5 event.  Please attend and support YOUR friends and colleagues.

    In the fall of 2007, Paul Tran and Trey Penton began constructing a project that would combine the separate disciplines of music, art, history, and literature in order to educate Floridians of all ages and backgrounds on the history of the state. Together they composed a collection of carefully crafted songs in a variety of genres and styles that have the ability to bring the past to life for modern day citizens.  Now, under the art direction of Joyce Yong, the pair of songwriters will perform these original compositions with the help of a small orchestra in the new Oval Theater at the University of South Florida.  It is with great pleasure and anticipation that they invite you to join them in a unique experience that will prove to be both enlightening and entertaining.  This is a Freshpeople 5 event and the details are attached.

    Want to go to the United Arab Emirates and have all your costs paid?  Read on!

    USF Provost Wilcox is planning to attend and speak at the 5th Biennial Education without Borders (EWB) International Student Conference that is taking place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from March 30th through April 1st 2009, as the guest of Vice Chancellor Kamali. He would be delighted to take a handful of interested USF student scholars, to the extent that their class schedules/calendars allow. 

    The overarching theme for next year’s conference is Innovative Solutions to Global Challenges, with the following sub-themes:

    1. e-World: Harnessing Technology for a Better World
    2. e-nvironment:  A Sustainable Future for our Planet
    3. e-nergy: The Future of Energy on Earth
    4. e-ducation: The Role of Education in Meeting Global Challenges
    5. e-xchange: Cultural Exchange for Tolerance, Understanding and Peace
    6. E-conomy: Global Solutions for Recovery 

    He is looking for undergraduate and graduate students, at USF, who may be interested and who have demonstrated the intellectual curiosity, capacity and motivation to follow-through with such competitive opportunities. Interested students should see me, Dr. Yavneh or Dr. Kleine immediately.

    The student authors of selected papers and/or multimedia projects will have their full way paid by the United Arab Emirates government organizers. All students will have their accommodation and registration costs covered while in Abu Dhabi, and USF may provide some travel supplements to those not successful in receiving travel awards from HCT. I expect all interested USF students to submit an abstract of a paper. Deadline for receipt of 200 word abstracts is November 30th, 2008 with the deadline for full paper submission (pending acceptance of the abstract) set for February 2nd, 2009.

  • Spring 2009 registration began Monday, November 3.

    Now is the time to call 974-3087 or stop by SVC 1088 to schedule an appointment with your Honors College advisor. In addition, if you are planning to graduate in May 2009, please make sure to also schedule a graduation check with your departmental major advisor.

  • USF Panama: Beyound the Classroom

    Students will engage in 8 weeks of coursework both prior to and following a 9 day immersion experience in Panama (participation in the trip is a required part of the course curriculum). The pre-trip coursework introduces students to the principles of research and service-learning, as well as Panamanian culture and current issues.

    Costs include: • Housing accommodations in Panama • 2 – 3 meals / day provided • Transportation to / from airport in Panama • Transportation while in Panama (group related activities) • Group Weekend Excursion (transportation, tour & lodging) • Cultural activities o Panama City Tour/ Miraflores Locks o Visit Emberá Indian Community/ Traditional Healing Practices o Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) • Travel / Medical Insurance (Available through USF Study Abroad or STA Travel)

    If interested go to the Honors website click on Honors College forms, then Print Forms, to fill out an application.
    Please turn applications into the front desk

    Info Session: Wednesday November 12th at 2pm

  • Applications for IDH 4200 Geographical Perspectives: Panamá Beyond the Classroom are now available on the Honors College website under printed forms and on Blackboard under documents, forms.

  • IDH 4000 (Major Works/Major Issues)

    DH 4000 (Major Works/Major Issues) requires that you have completed 75 hours (by the end of the semester just prior to the semester in which you will take the course – if you want to take 4000 in the spring, you must have 75 credits by the end of this semester). Exceptions are sometimes granted (for 7-year BS/MD students, for example) and may be requested of your advisor The course requires a permit which you may request now.

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RED - National Fellowships

  • The deadline for the Summer of 2009 Student Internships is November 3rd.  November 14th is the deadline to apply for the superb Critical Language Scholarships. Click here ( for more information, and to start the online application process.    

    Students who apply should also email a copy of their Statement of Interest and CV to  Mr. Hilarion Martinez, U.S. Department of State, Diplomat in Residence at Florida International University and Miami Dade College has agreed to help with the process.

    Roberta Z. (Bobbie) Muir, M.A., SPHR
    Career Counselor
    USF Career Center:
    Phone: (813) 974-9636

  • Graduating Seniors: Apply for the Emerson Fellowship!

    Do you want to spend a year fighting hunger and poverty with a tight-knit community of emerging leaders? Emerson Hunger Fellows shape and implement local anti-hunger programs all over the U.S., and then research and provide support for national policy initiatives in Washington, D.C. Read on for application instructions, or download application instructions. Applications are encouraged from candidates reflecting diverse personal, educational, cultural, and experiential backgrounds.

    Deadline: January 22, 2009.

  • Another one for Seniors:

    The Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship, established in 1987, is a competitive national fellowship program that provides college graduates with the opportunity to gain a Washington perspective on key issues of peace and security. Twice yearly, the Fellowship's Board of Directors selects a group of outstanding individuals to spend six to nine months in Washington. Supported by a stipend, the Fellows serve as full-time junior staff members at the participating organization of their choice. The program also arranges meetings for the Fellows with policy experts. Many former Scoville Fellows have gone on to pursue graduate degrees in international relations and related fields and taken prominent positions in the field of peace and security with public-interest organizations, the Federal Government, and in academia. To date, 115 Fellowships have been awarded.

  • The Hollings Scholarship Program provides successful undergraduate applicants with awards that include academic assistance (up to a maximum of $8,000 per year) for full-time study during the 9-month academic year; a 10-week, full-time internship position ($650/week) during the summer at a NOAA facility; and, if reappointed, academic assistance (up to a maximum of $8,000) for full-time study during a second 9-month academic year. The internship between the first and second years of the award provides the Scholars with ‘‘hands-on'' practical educational training experience in NOAA-related science, research, technology, policy, management, and education activities. Awards also include travel funds to attend a mandatory Hollings Scholarship Program orientation, conferences where students present a paper or poster, and a housing subsidy for scholars who do not reside at home during the summer internship.

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  • Undergraduate Research Newsletter

    The Undergraduate Research newsletter, UR News, is coming at you this Thursday. Please let us know if for some reason you'd like to be removed from our email list by emailing your full name and email to
(813) 974-6824


HCSC - Honors College Student Council

  • Honors Council General Meetings every Tuesday at 4:30pm in the Honors Lounge

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Student Submissions

  • Important Updates from the Department of Chemistry:

    1. Beginning with registration for Spring 2009, all students will need a “C” or better (not “C-“) to move into the next Chemistry course. It has been listed this way in the Catalog for years but was not programmed correctly until now for Spring 2009.

    2. BCH 3023L registration for Spring 2009 will require a permit in order to register (directions for students are listed on the schedule search). Those students who need this course as part of their major OR who are graduating seniors will be given first priority. Sometime in mid-November the permit restriction will be removed and all remaining seats will be open for registration by anyone who meets the pre-requisites. For students whose majors are outside the Department of Chemistry, but need this as a required course for their major, we will need verification (an email is fine) from the academic advisor for their major that the course is needed as part of the student’s major requirements.

    3. Beginning in Fall 2009, students will need to have completed BOTH CHM 2045 and CHM 2045L prior to enrolling in CHM 2046 and 2046L; also, students will have to have completed BOTH CHM 2046 and CHM 2046L prior to enrolling in CHM 2210 and 2210L.

    If you have any questions about any of these policies, please send an email to

  • Bulls for Moffitt, a student organization, is hosting a research forum at Moffitt Cancer Center. Some of the top scientists and researchers from various fields will be available to speak to students about shadowing and internship opportunities. It is also a great opportunity to bring your resume and/or personal statement for critique. The event will be held on Friday, November 7 at 4:15 pm in the Owl's Den, which is located on the first floor of the Moffitt hospital. If you are interested or need more information, please email or contact Samantha Landolfa at

  • Questions regarding submitting to thread?
    Contact: or

    Deadline for Coleman Fiction Contestis Friday, December 5, 2008.

  • Fall 2008 Grad Prep Workshops Flyer

  • Summer ORISE Fellowship Opportunities at CDC

    Undergraduate Summer Fellowships at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH), Division of Laboratory Sciences (DLS) in Atlanta, GA. This fellowship is open to undergraduate students who plan to major in chemistry or biology and have taken courses in general chemistry or biology.

    The candidate will work on projects associated with developing and applying new methods to characterize and quantitate biochemical markers that are relevant in environmental exposures and chronic diseases. This includes assessing a variety of markers in biologic specimens (such as serum or urine) and developing reference materials.

    The candidate will be part of a multidisciplinary team and will work with state-of-the-art equipment on topics relevant to public health. DLS offers a stimulating environment that enables summer Fellows to learn about applied analytical chemistry and to enhance their knowledge of public health.

    The stipend for first time, full-time summer Fellows is $2,100/month and the deadline for application isJanuary 16, 2009. Additional application guidelines and contact information is included in the flier.

    Monnie E. Champion
    voice: 865.576.3306
    fax: 865.573.3816

  • Matt Schlagbaum’s first art show that will be part of my thesis opened November 3 and will continue until November 7. It is called "Stranger Things" and is located in the Centre Gallery on the 2nd floor of the Marshall Center. The Gallery hours are 11am-6pm, and the reception will be held this friday, Nov 7th from 7-9pm. You should drop by and see the artwork.


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