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Week of 12/01/2008 - Issue # 41 

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At a Glance

Upcoming Events

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 12/5/2008 Thesis Presentation Day
 12/6/2008 USF Finals Week
 12/12/2008 Fall 2008 Honors College Graduation
 12/13/2008 USF Fall Commencement
 1/15/2009 An Afternoon with: Rick Temple
 1/20/2009 An Evening with: Les Muma
 1/23/2009 Fourth Colloquium
 1/27/2009 An Evening with: Judge Raymond Gross
 2/20/2009 Brit Theatre: Bobby & the Chimps
 2/27/2009 Fifth Colloquium

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Honors College

Thesis Presentation Day will be Friday, December 5.  The schedule is attached

Dean's Update:

  • Interested in taking Narrative Filmmaking in the Spring?
    In the Spring, the class (IDH 4930-005) will meet Wednesday nights, 6:30-8:30 PM.

    Please contact Dan Nguyen ( to schedule an interview.

  • USF Panama: Beyond the Classroom

    Students will engage in 8 weeks of coursework both prior to and following a 9 day immersion experience in Panama.  Special scholarships will be provided.

    Applications for IDH 4200 Geographical Perspectives: Panama Beyond the Classroom are now available on the Honors College website under printed forms and on Blackboard under documents, forms.

  • We have a few spots left in this spring offering: IDH 3600-006 (15613) Honors Seminar in Applied Ethics, Michael Dow (M 2:00-4:45) Poverty and Self-Sufficiency: This course will encourage participants to think comprehensively about the problem of poverty and to identify real and perceived barriers to self-sufficiency.

  • IDH 4000 (Major Works/Major Issues)
    IDH 4000 (Major Works/Major Issues) requires that you have completed 75 hours.  The course requires a permit which you may request now.

  • You can now earn credit for playing/singing in the Honors band even if you are not in the actual class.  We will offer one credit for students who wish to be a part of the “Rubber Band” in the spring.  It will meet on Mondays from 6-7 PM.  Email me and I will get you registered.

  • If you need to take a test in the Vietnamese language in order to fulfill the foreign language requirement please email Professor My Lien Dao at

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RED - National Fellowships

RED has information on a wide variety of Scholarships and fellowships for graduate study.  Please check the RED website and speak with Mr. Mejias.

Here is a new RED program:

  •  Research Assistants are being sought for a federally funded research project being conducted in partnership with Head Start programs throughout Florida. 

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HCSC - Honors College Student Council

  • Honors Council General Meetings every Tuesday at 4:30pm in the Honors Lounge

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Student Submissions

  • Refugee Youth and Family Program (RYFP)

    Refugee Youth and Family Program (RYFP) is looking for volunteers to tutor English to the children they serve.  Gain experience and make an impact in someone's life: 

    This program supports refugee youth to reach their highest levels of achievement through school and family support. We work to improve school success for refugee students, reducing dropout risk factors, helping youths successfully transition from school to the workplace, and improving the acculturation and preservation of the refugee family. 

    Please contact Marcella at for more information on how to get involved with this great program.

  • The University Film & Video Association

    The University Film & Video Association and USF Honors College cordially invites you to attend the screening of five short films produced in the Fall 2008 debuting class of Narrative Filmmaking, taught by Sarah Wilson, Joyce Yong, Jesse Newman, and Dan Nguyen. This free event is this tuesday (12.02.08) and starts at 7:30 pm, in the Marshall Student Center Oval Theater (doors open at 7:00 pm). Audience participation is highly anticipated to determine the winner of the Audience Choice Award for this semester. See you there!

  • Summer ORISE Fellowship Opportunities at CDC

    Undergraduate Summer Fellowships at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH), Division of Laboratory Sciences (DLS) in Atlanta, GA. This fellowship is open to undergraduate students who plan to major in chemistry or biology and have taken courses in general chemistry or biology.

    Monnie E. Champion
    voice: 865.576.3306
    fax: 865.573.3816
  • Students with undergraduate degrees in the physical sciences, life sciences, mathematics, or engineering are eligible to apply for the Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management Graduate Fellowship.

If you would like to be included in future editions of "Know-a-BULL News", email submissions to Dr. Stuart Silverman at for consideration. Submissions should be in electronic form, text only, and brief. Flyers containing additional information should be submitted in PDF.

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