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Week of 12/21/2010 - Issue # 144

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Honors College

Dean's Update:

    I wanted to take just a moment to wish you and your loved ones a very wonderful holiday season and a happy and joyous New Year.

    It always amazes me when people tell me how "easy" it is for Honors students.  So many folks take for granted the fact that you do so well. 

    What they don't know, that I do, is how hard you work on your studies and how much you worry about your work, how many credits you take each semester and the large number of you who work countless hours per week to support yourselves. 

    They don't know of the thousands of hours per year you collectively volunteer to help others, the time you spend helping in your houses of worship and the leadership roles you take in campus organizations.  Some of you care for parents, grandparents, spouses and your own children.  Some of you deal with your own serious medical issues.

    I want you to know how much I respect and admire you and to let you know that I know that many of you succeed despite obstacles you must daily overcome.

    I have some holiday “hopes” for you this year. 

    I hope your dreams are fulfilled in the New Year and that you continue to learn and grow; I hope you find success in all you attempt and appreciate your accomplishments;I hope you are able to accept those things that don’t work out the way you wanted them to; I hope you give to others less fortunate and help to make your world a better place; I hope you take your responsibilities seriously so that others benefit from your efforts; I hope you find the best in others, no matter how different from you they might be; I hope you find enjoyment and satisfaction in your work and in your play; I hope that your health and the health of your family and friends is good; And by the way, I hope you get the grades you want!

    To those of you who graduated this semester, let me congratulate you and wish you the best of success in whatever you do.

    To all of you, please know that I am here for you, pre and post graduation, and will always do whatever I can to help you with whatever you might need.





    Our Honors College Ensemble is now under the direction of Professor Brian Moorhead who also serves as principle clarinet of the Florida Orchestra. Professor Moorhead has done this before and is just wonderful as a teacher, musician and conductor. He will lead the orchestra, Mr. Chris Morris the jazz group and Dr. Yavneh the singers. The first day of class is January 10. Arts and Humanities (A&H) students will meet at 5PM (where you met for class in the fall). All three musical groups will convene at 6PM in FAH 102. If you are not in A&H but will be in one of the 3 groups, please attend the 6PM meeting (no instruments on Jan. 10). At that point, we will get you registered for zero or one credit. I look forward to hearing you!

    From now on, you may apply for an Honors College travel or competitive scholarship only if you have an up to date E-Portfolio. Directions can be found on the website by clicking on 'E-Portfolios' towards the bottom of the page.

  • Honors LLC Alternative Spring Break

    The Honors LLC is working with the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement (CLCE) to sponsor an Alternative Spring Break (ASB) trip to NEW ORLEANS! We will be working directly with Project 195 dealing with Gulf Coast restoration and helping replant marshlands affected by the oil spill.

    The cost for participants is $250 (through CLCE), but as a resident in the Honors LLC, you are able to receive a $150 scholarship for travel expenses. That being said, the estimated cost is about $100! Unbeat-a-BULL!

    We are currently recruiting participants as well as student site leaders.

    Please email Lisa Booth at with any questions

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O.N.S. - Office of National Scholarships

  • Peace and Security Fellowship in DC for College Graduates

    The Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship, a competitive national program, provides college graduates the opportunity to work in Washington, DC, with one of twenty-six participating public-interest organizations focusing on international security issues.  The program has awarded 128 fellowships since its inception in 1987 and is offered twice yearly, in the spring and fall.  It lasts from six to nine months and provides a stipend, health insurance, and travel costs to Washington.  The Scoville Fellowship does not award grant or scholarship money to students.

    Scoville Fellows may undertake a variety of activities, including research, writing, and advocacy in support of the goals of their host organization and may attend coalition meetings, policy briefings, and Congressional hearings.  Fellows have written articles, blogs, fact sheets, letters to the editor, op-eds and reports, organized talks and conferences, and been interviewed as experts by the media.  Former Scoville Fellows work for U.S. and international NGOs, the Departments of State and Defense, members of Congress and academia, or attend graduate school in political science or international relations, following their fellowships.
    Please encourage those interested in peace and security issues to visit our website at  Although the majority of Scoville Fellows have received college degrees in political science, government, international relations,  history, or peace studies, we do not require any specific major.  There is no application form application requirements are listed on our website, as are links to the websites of each of the participating groups and information on the work of current and former Scoville Fellows.  A flier about the program can be printed from  The next application deadline is January 14,2011 for the fall 2011 fellowship.

    All U.S. citizens, and foreign nationals residing in the United States, are eligible to apply non-U.S. citizens living outside of the United States are not.

  • Undergraduate Scholars Honored

    Congratulations to Erin Cosgrove, Saya Karim, Laura Kidd, Valentina Lozano, and Olga Nedorub!  They were honored by the Provost with the Undergraduate Scholars award at graduation on Saturday.  We are very proud of each of you.

    The Undergraduate Scholar medallion is awarded to students who have had significant global, research, and service experience.  If you are interested in the program and graduating this Spring, please contact Ms. Carlton for the requirements at

  • Undergraduate Scholarship for summer study in ASIA!

    Exciting news! The Freeman-ASIA scholarship has been renewed, starting Summer 2011.  The Freeman-ASIA scholarship application will open on January 4, 2011.  The Office of National Scholarship's USF Summer Award deadline is January 18, 2011.

    This scholarship provides up to $3,000 for undergraduate students studying abroad in Asian & Southeast Asia for a minimum of 8 weeks over the summer if students are going on a 6 week study abroad trip, they can extend their time abroad by 2 weeks for academic pursuits to use Freeman ASIA funding. Students should demonstrate financial need, have limited exposure to the destination country, and have at least 1 semester of undergraduate studies remaining after their trip.  More information is available on the program website at> .  Awards for the fall and spring semesters worth up to $7,000 will open later in the year.

    Interested students should contact the Office of National Scholarships at or 813.974.3087. 

  • Upcoming Deadlines: DAAD, Boren, Rangel, Pickering, Homeland Security, TRIALS, & Udall

    • DAAD (Germany): Deadlines in December and January
      Study, Research, and Intern in Germany through DAAD's numerous programs including summer research for STEM majors.

    • Boren (Language): Deadline: 1/3/2011
      Funds Long term study abroad for 6-12 months, focused on language.

    • Rangel & Pickering (Foreign Affairs): Deadline: 1/3/2011
      Foreign service scholarships & fellowships that fund undergraduate and graduate studies. Also, provide training and internship.

    • Dept of Homeland Security: 1/5/2011
      Pays tuition, stipend and provides paid summer internship.

    • TRIALS (Law): 1/15/2011
      NYU and Harvard summer program to prepare students for Law school.

    • Udall (Environment & Tribal): 1/27/2011
      Funds undergrads with interest in the Environment, Tribal or Tribal Health Policy for one year.

      Please let us know if you intend to apply as soon as possible by emailing Consult with us early to strengthen your application.

    Link: More information at the ONS website

  • Congratulations to our most recent Gilman recipients, Hannah Feig and Gianexis Lopez!

    Hannah Feig and Gianexis Lopez , USF students won Gilman Scholarships to study abroad for Spring 2010.  There were only 850 Gilman Scholars selected out of 2900 applicants nationally.

    Ms. Feig, an Engineering major and Honors College student, was awarded the Gilman Scholarship to study in Senegal. Ms. Lopez, a Criminology major, will be studying in Italy.

    The next USF Deadline for Gilman is January 15 for the upcoming Summer and Fall terms.  For Gilman, students must receive the Pell grant to be eligible. The next step is to alert the Office of National Scholarships (ONS) of their interest as soon as possible.  Then, ONS will help them get the application process started.  Ms. Emily Nanna is the National Scholarships Graduate Advisor who manages the Gilman Scholarship portfolio.Contact her at

    Link: Gilman Scholarship Information

  • Boren scholarship: African Languages Initiative undergraduate and graduate

    We are pleased to announce the National Security Education Program African Languages Initiative.  This initiative will offer Boren Scholarship and Fellowship applicants the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of, and proficiency in, African languages and cultures. &nbspWe seek applicants who are interested in studying Bambara, Swahili, Yoruba, or Zulu, and we will give preference to applicants with prior exposure to the respective language.

    Specifically, this pilot initiative will provide the opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to enhance their Boren Awards with additional language study in the United States and overseas.  Beginning summer 2011, applicants will have the opportunity to enroll in domestic university-based summer intensive courses in the targeted languages. &nbspThe summer U.S. programs will be followed by intensive language and culture study programs during the fall semester at specific language centers in Mali (Bambara), Tanzania (Swahili), Nigeria (Yoruba), and South Africa (Zulu).  

    For more information, about the NSEP African Languages Initiative, Boren Fellowship applicants should click here.  Boren Scholarship applicants should click here.

    Internal USF deadline: Jan 3, 2011. Contact Dr. Linda Lucas or Ms Penny Carlton in the Office of National Scholarships Tel: 813 974.3087 or

  • Now Accepting Applications for 2011 Campus Climate Fellowships

    National Wildlife Federation Fellowships allow students to pursue their vision of an ecologically sustainable future through tangible projects to confront global warming on campus and in the community. Fellows gain practical experience in the conservation field and first-hand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities inherent in successful conservation efforts.

    Now Accepting Applications for 2011 Campus Climate Fellowships!

    Deadline for applications is January 15, 2011.

    Link: NWF Fellowships

  • Homeland Security Programs Applications Open

    Announcing: U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Education Programs

    DHS Scholarship Program

    Supporting students interested in pursuing the basic science and technology innovations that can be applied to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security mission.

    DHS HS-STEM Summer Internship Program

    Providing a 10-week summer research experience for undergraduate students majoring in homeland security related science, technology, engineering and mathematics (HS-STEM).

    Deadlines: January 5, 2011

  • Fulbright Canada for Undergraduate Exchange

    We at the Office of National Scholarships would be happy to consult with you on your application for Fulbright Canada.  Please set an appointment:

    The Killam Fellowships Program offers American undergraduate students the opportunity to spend either one semester or a full academic year as an exchange student in Canada.  The fellowship carries a value of $5,000 per semester, and includes health insurance for the duration of the exchange.  The program also includes a three-day seminar in Ottawa (Canada's capital) and Washington, DC, and additional funding to explore other parts of Canada.  All of the information is available on our website (  Please note that the application deadline is January 31, 2011. 

  • Boren: Scholarship for long term study abroad

    Are you interested in a foreign language and want study abroad? Apply for a Boren scholarship. Boren Scholarships for undergraduates and Fellowships for graduates enable enrolled students to study for 6 to 12 months all over the world. Prior language skills are not required except in Spanish and French speaking countries. STEM majors may apply for a shorter time period of no less than 3 months if well justified.

    The USF internal deadline is:

    Boren Undergraduate Scholarship     January 3

    Time is running out.  Please start your online application by clicking the link below. Get in touch with Ms. Carlton right away by emailing to express your intent to apply.  She will be happy to consult with you regarding your application and essays.

    Important: Crafting Competitive Essays for Boren Scholarships, DEC 14 from 12-1 PM (

    Please sign up for this webinar focusing on crafting the essay.  Even if you’re a good writer, there may be some helpful tips particular to this specific scholarship.


    Link: Boren Application

ONS has information on a wide variety of Scholarships and fellowships for graduate study. Please check the ONS website and speak with Dr. Lucas or Ms. Carlton.

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The Office of Undergraduate Research

  • Be Recognized For Your Outstanding Research!

    The APS Student Research Award and RISE Award competitions offer financial awards to recognize the outstanding research scholarship of student members. Winners will present their projects at the annual Association for Psychological Science Covention in May 2011.

    Applicants will gain valuable experience in scientific writing and will receive written feedback from peer reviewers (applicant and reviewer names are kept anonymous). Graduate and undergraduate Student Affiliates are strongly encouraged to apply.

    Completed research projects must be submitted by January 21, 2011 at 11:59pm EST. Interested applicants should visit for more information.


  • Summer Undergraduate Research Program: Oceans and Human Health

    Summer Undergraduate Research Program: Oceans and Human Health
    Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston SC
    Program Dates: May 31, 2011 - August 5, 2011

    Aim of the program: Improving underrepresented minority students in their understanding of the molecular processes regulating coastal and ocean environments for the purpose of enhancing benefits to human health and reducing public health risks.

    Application deadline is January 31, 2011

    For more application information please visit:


  • Project INSPIRE Summer Internship Program for Students

    The USF/Moffitt Center for Equal Health is accepting applications for Project INSPIRE - a ten-week research training program for USF students of underrepresented minorities that provides outstanding undergraduates an opportunity to gain research experience in social and medical sciences during the summer.


    A complete screening process and orientation will also be required. A stipend of $3,000 is provided.

    Application forms and program information are available through the Moffitt Cancer Center website:

    Questions can be sent to the program coordinator, Ms. Kyle Dalton at  

    Completed applications and documentation must be received no later than February 15, 2011.

    Three (3) students will be selected to work with researchers in the various colleges and departments at the University of South Florida and the Moffitt Cancer Center including: Departments of Molecular Oncology Immunology Drug Discovery: Experimental Therapeutics Risk Assessment, Detection and Intervention and Health Outcomes and Behavior, Psychology, Social Service, Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacology, Physical Therapy, etc. Past participants have used this experience to publish in undergraduate scientific research journals and present at scientific conferences.

    Selection is based on demonstrated interest in research through prior experience, a written essay and academic performance, as well as recommendations from teachers or faculty. Internships can be completed during any ten weeks between May 1st and August 30th, 2011.  


  • Florida Collegiate Honors Council Conference

    The Florida Collegiate Honors Council Conference will be held February 18-20, 2011 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Jacksonville FL.

    Please go to the FCHC website to submit your proposals for presentations. Abstracts (limit 100 words) are due by January 10, 2011.

    If you are accepted to present at the conference, please notify Dr. Silverman ( and Ms. Schumacher ( There will be funds available to help cover the cost of travel.


  • Call for Abstracts

    The Florida Collegiate Honors Council invites you to its annual conference in Jacksonville on February 18-20, 2011. The theme this year is "Around the World" and some activites unique to Jacksonville are being planned.

    Proposals from Honors students and faculty are due by January 10, 2011 (limit 100 words) and can be submitted at the FCHC website. Also on the website is information regarding the Writing Contest and the Logo Contest. The deadline for these submissions is December 13th. Please let us know if you are accepted to present at this conference, as we will pay for you to attend if you are not already attending another UR/Honors sponsored conference.


  • Student Assistants Needed in Molecular Biology Lab

    Two students are needed for the spring semester in Dr. Bruce Citron's molecular biology research lab. The students would be directly involved with hands on projects addressing molecular mechanisms important to the health of neurons in the central nervous system. A minimum of 10-15 hours per week is needed and laboratory experience is preferred.

    The laboratory is located in Pinellas County at Bay Pines Hospital. Students will need to commute to St. Petersburg for the research.

    If you are interested in the research project, please make a profile at and then email your resume to Ms. Schumacher at with "Molecular Biology Lab" in the subject line of the email.


  • Call for Abstracts: USF Health Research Day 2011

    USF Health Research Day will be held on Friday, February 25, 2011 at the USF Marshall Student Center.

    The call for abstracts is open to students and faculty from USF, USF Health and the affiliate partners who are working in the area of health and biomedical research to submit abstracts and actively participate in this event.

    To submit an abstract for presentation, please use the format for abstract development and submission available on their website at the "USF Health Research Day Call for Abstracts" button. See:

    Please complete ALL appropriate sections of the abstract form as abstracts will be peer-reviewed based on content. Students are asked to have their abstracts approved by their faculty mentors prior to submission. Early submission of the abstract is encouraged. The DEADLINE for abstract submission is Friday, January 14, 2011 by 5pm.

    If you have any questions, please contact Jo Ann Moore at


  • Call for Abstracts: First Florida Statewide Student Research Symposium

    The First Florida Statewide Student Research Symposium will be held at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville March 4 and 5, 2011. UNF invites undergraduates engaged in research and scholarly projects to participate in the two-day symposium.

    Please visit the website for more complete information. Students may submit abstracts for consideration for poster presentations during the conference. There will also be numerous colloquia during which students will be able to learn about summer research opportunities, preparations for application to graduate and professional programs, navigating a mentor-mentee relationship and other topics of interest to student scholars.


  • Biomedical Science Thesis Opportunity

    Are you looking for a biomedical thesis topic?  Dr. Ana Velez and Dr. Greene  of Infectious Diseases are looking for students with interest in inmmunological bases of cancer and HIV. They have a pool of HIV patients with cancer that they have seen over the past 10 years.

    The study will be a retrospective study looking at different variables that these patients may have in common such us CD4, viral load, and antiretroviral therapy, among others.  If you are interested, please make a profile at and email Dr. Yavneh ( for further information.

  • Spring 2011 Registration for 0 Credit IDH 4910

    All students participating in Undergraduate Research can register for 0 credits of IDH 4910, Honors Undergraduate Research FOR FREE.

    If you would like to be registered for the Spring 2011 semester you will need to:
    1. Create a profile on Be sure to include your mentors information in the profile.
    2. Your mentor needs to email us at granting permission. The email needs to include "4910, the student's full name and the student's U-number in the subject field".
    3. Once we receive the email and verify that you have a completed profile, we will register you for the class.

    Registration does NOT roll over from semester to semester. If you were registered in the fall for 0 credit and would like to be registered for it again in the spring, please have your mentor email your information to Please feel free to email us if you have any questions!

  • Save the Date - 9th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium and Celebration

    Please save the date for the 9th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium and Celebration. The event will be held Friday, April 15, 2011 in the Marshall Center Ballroom. Application information and guidelines will be posted on the UR website ( in late fall/early spring.
    Students will apply online through the UR profile. Please email any questions to

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USF Honors College Student Council

  • Underground Shirts are in!

    Students who already purchased their HCSC Underground t-shirts can pick them up at the front desk. Be sure to have your student ID with you.

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Student Submissions

  • $100 Design Competition

    Engineering EXPO needs your creativity to design an electronic or hand-drawn graphic. All submissions must be engineering, math, science, and technology related, and must tie into and represent all branches of engineering, or none of them. Your design is to be used for this years T-shirt and program. 

    Submission Deadline: 5 pm on January 14, 2011 

    All submissions must include name, phone number, and email. Also, if you submit before January 1, 2011 you will get a bonus! 

    Email for all questions and electronic submissions or go to ENC 3509 to remove-off paper submissions. For more information about Engineering EXPO, visit 

    The Engineering EXPO 2011 staff reserves the right to use or change any artwork turned into the contest. Once you turn in your artwork to Engineering EXPO, it becomes the sole property of Engineering EXPO and the artist forfeits all rights to creative ownership or use. Thank you for submitting your work, and good luck! 

    Link: Engineering Expo Website

If you would like to be included in future editions of "Know-a-BULL News", articles may be submitted for consideration to Dr. Silverman through the submission form. Submissions should be brief and well written. Links should be JPG images or PDFs.

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