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Beginning Fall 2011 we launched the Provost’s Scholars Program (PSP). This is a program in which qualified students who enter USF directly from high school with 18 or more appropriate credits will be offered the opportunity to complete their undergraduate education in 3 years. Each selected student will be provided preferred registration privileges so that critical courses are not closed when they register. They will be given summer scholarships if they need to take summer classes and will be given scholarships to help them participate in study abroad programs. PSP students will live in the Honors College Living/Learning Community year 1. Students will be offered the assistance of faculty or off campus mentors, depending upon career goals and will be encouraged to use the fourth year for graduate study here at USF. Participants will not need to take larger academic loads and can take advantage of all that USF has to offer.

What is a Provost?

"Provost" is the title given to the senior academic administrator at many universities in the United States and Canada. The Provost is responsible for all academic programs at the institution and is the second-ranking officer in the administrative hierarchy behind the President. In short, the Provost is a very important person in academia and at USF!

Who might apply for the Provost’s Scholars Program (PSP)?

We are looking for students who are goal oriented and who have a good sense of what they want to do after graduation, students who want to have a “leg up” as they seek employment or admission to graduate or professional degree programs. We want students who are motivated to graduate but don’t wish to rush, students who come to USF having gone the extra mile in high school, taking AP, IB, AICE or dual enrollment classes. Students should present a 3.8 weighted high school GPA (as calculated by USF) and a 1200 SAT or 27 ACT score. PSP students may also be Honors College students if they meet the additional requirements. Students need to apply by April 1 to be considered for the Provost's Scholars Program.

What might I do with the year I save?

Students in a variety of fields could complete the PSP and then earn a Master’s degree in that field. What a wonderful credential to present a prospective employer or professional school admissions office! For example, students in History, Economics, or Business can finish in 3 years. Every PSP student can use the 4th year for a graduate degree or to begin work early. The possibilities for students in qualifying majors are unlimited! There are some majors for which this program is more problematic. For example, science majors must have specific course requirements completed to be considered for this accelerated program. No major in the College of Engineering can be completed in 3 years without Calculus I, Calculus II and Physics I with Calculus. Students who are interested in medical school should consider the accelerated 7-Year Medical Program.

What are the advantages of the PSP?

  • You graduate a year early so you gain time.
  • You save a year’s worth of college tuition, room, board and expenses.
  • You can start a graduate program early.
  • You will have completed a research or creative Thesis in your field and demonstrated leadership skills that will enhance your graduate schools applications.
  • You will be provided excellent scholarships and the opportunity to study abroad.
  • You will reside in the Honors College Living Learning community with other likeminded students and participate in special activities designed for you.


Do I have to live in the Honors LLC if I am a Provosts Scholar?

We recommend that all PSPs live on campus their first year within the Honors LLC. However, students can live in another LLC or off campus with advisor approval.

What scholarship money do I receive as a Provost's Scholar?

You receive a $2,000 travel award.  Also, students in PSP receive their USF Admissions scholarships during the Summer, Fall, and Spring semesters.  Non-PSP students do not receive their Admissions scholarship during the Summer.  

When do I do my study abroad trip? Where can I go?

Typically, we encourage students to do their study abroad trip during their second Summer at USF.  You can go on any USF sponsored trip that is available in the Summer.  Most trips last from 2-6 weeks.  To receive your travel award, you must attend a USF sponsored trip.  

Do I have to take classes in the Summer?

Yes.  Most students at USF need to take at least 9 hours during the Summer to graduate.  As a PSP, you must take at least 6 hours in each Summer semester at USF.  To receive your USF Admissions Scholarship in the Summer, you have to take 6 hours at USF.  If you take less than that, you will not receive your Admissions Scholarship.  

How often do I need to come in for advising?

You must meet with your PSP advisor every Fall and Spring (twice a school year), at the very least.  You should also meet with your major or departmental advisor at least once a year.  For pre-med or pre-health students, we recommend you meet with a pre-med or pre-health advisor early in your first semester.  Students are welcome to visit the PSP advisor more often, if they so choose.

Can I double-major or minor in the Provost’s Scholars Program?

Doing a double-major or minor is sometimes possible, depending on your major and credits.  Please feel free to meet with your PSP advisor to see if it fits with your 3 year plan.

What do I need to accomplish as a Provost’s Scholar?

All PSPs must do a study abroad trip, research, and a leadership or community activity.  Furthermore, you must maintain a high GPA and attend Provost’s Scholars events.  

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