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Here you find a sample of Honors Theses completed in the past semesters. Check them out and get a better understanding of this important Honors College requirement. Remember, this is not necessarily a showcase of the "best" work, but rather a representative cross-section. We hope you enjoy reading some of this work and come away informed and inspired. Not all disciplines may be represented; here is a complete list:

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Spring 2012 Outstanding Theses
We All Like New Things: A Comparison of Human Ape Reactions to Novelty
Author: Wiley, Desirae Mentor: Lynn Martin
AT&T and T-Mobile Merger Analysis
Author: Cabano, Frank Mentor: Joseph DeSalvo
Fresh: A Catering Company
Student Author: Potter, Erin Mentor: Robert Pecoraro
Determination of Anti-Malarial Properties of Delta lactam Derivatives from Mycosynthetix Sample 232697
Author: Gonzalez-Jacobo, Alexander Mentor: Bill Baker
Quelling Fear of Chemistry: A Method Designed for the Incorporation of General Chemistry concepts into the Education of Elementary and Middle School Students
Student Author: Howell, Caitlin Mentor: Kenneth Caswell
Rewriting Introduction to Composite Materials Software to Function on 64-bit Windows Operating Systems
Author: Boston, Daniel Mentor: Autar Kaw
History of Lawn Mowers
Student Author: Shukitis, Amber Mentor: Don Dekker
Yo Hablo El Idioma del Amor
Author: Carpenter, Anne-Marie Mentor: Silvia Fiore
The Effect of Chemicals on the Viability of Schistosoma Mansoni and Schistosomer haematobium
Author: Frelick, Anne Mentor: Jason Rohr
Fathers and Phiilosophers
Author: Campana, Jonathan Mentor: Georg Kleine
Green Labs are Gold: Evaluating and Improving Environmental Inpact of USF's Laboratories
Student Author: Cottrell, Benjamin Mentor: Christian Wells
The Great Orientalist Bernard Lewis
Student Author: Jawad, Ahmed Mentor: Georg Kleine
Listening to the Shield of Achilles: Sound & Motion in Ancient Ekphrasis
Student Author: Peachee, Darin Mentor: James D'emilio
Oars to Sail
Author: Chang, David Mentor: Cornelis N. Boterbloem
The Necessary Conditions for Odd Perfect Numbers
Student Author: Stevens, Benjamin Mentor: Xiang-dong Hou
Biogeographical Survey of Coccidian Parasites in House Sparrow Populations: The Enemy Release Hypothesis Revisited.
Author: Araujo, Alessandra Mentor: Lynn Bloxom Martin
Assessing Awareness and Attitudes of Medical School Faculty for Rapid Autopsy Procedure (RAP) for Cancer Patients
Student Author: Boyette, Autumn Mentor: Gwendolyn Quinn
Rehabilita- fun: A Comparison of Active Gaming and Traditional Rehabilitation Methods
Student Author: Donohue, Jillian Mentor: Lisa Witherspoon
Effect of Speaking Style on Variability of Vowel Production for Native Monolingual English Speakers
Student Author: Gordon, Amber Mentor: Catherine L. Rogers
Carotenoid- based plumage and its effects on the immune system of Northern Cardinals (Cardinalis cardinalis) within an Urban-rural gradient
Student Author: Leigh, Brittany Mentor: Lynn Martin
The effects of nicotine on responsivity to repeated social stress in early adolescent, late adolescent, and young adult male rats
Author: Dean, Kathryn Mentor: Cheryl Kirstein
Volunteerism Among Physicians: Motivational Causes and Reaped Benefits
Student Author: Elseed, Erica Mentor: Marcia A. Finkelstein
Differentiation of knowledge types and Behavior change in youth in a school based suicide prevention program
Student Author: Ornelas, Anabelle Mentor: Marc Karver
Distinguishing the Types of Knowledge and the Relationship to Behavioral Intentions and Referral Behavior
Student Author: Romero, Gabriela Mentor: Marc Karver
Public Health
A Hillsborough County multilevel analysis of food disparities among race and socioeconomic groups.
Author: Delvalle, Ivonne Mentor: Dawood Sultan
A Hillsborough County multilevel analysis of food disparities among race and socioeconomic groups.
Student Author: Joseph, Beulah Mentor: Dawood Sultan
African American Cancer Patients' Choice of Cancer Treatment and Care Provider
Student Author: Koohbanani, Bianca Mentor: Dawood Sultan
Oral Health Student's Perceptions on Addressing Signs of Disordered-Eating
Student Author: Laga, Frank Mentor: Rita DeBate
Social Issues
A Young Caregiver's Guide to Medication Management
Author: Garringer, Ashley Mentor: Donna Cohen
Spring 2011 Outstanding Theses
Losing Faith: Radical Religious Thought in the Early English Enlightenment
Author: Curry, Michael Mentor: Case Boterbloem
Nabokov's Aesthetics of the Cliche'
Student Author: Farina, William Mentor: Michael Clune
Jane Austen: A Study of Film Adaptations
Student Author: Graham, Megan Mentor: Pat Rogers
Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters as a Parody of Shakespeare's Macbeth (Working Title)
Student Author: Miller, Jenna Mentor: Jaime Sanders
Comparing and Contrasting Expressionism, Abstract, and Pop Art
Student Author: Mostajabian, Kiana Mentor: Wallace Wilson
Collecting Art Specimens: Legitamacy through Imagery in Pietro Longhi's The Rhinoceros
Student Author: Torchynowycz, Alexa Mentor: Helena Szepe
Alice's Adventure and Bleak House: An Analysis of Visuals and Characterization in Two Great Victorian Novels
Student Author: Woods, Theresa Mentor: Precious McKenzie-Stearns
Bon Bon Appetit Bakery Business Plan
Author: Schein, Valerie Mentor: Dan Bagley
Marketing Plan for the Law Office of Gregory T. Varian
Student Author: Varian, Marisa Mentor: Jill Solomon
Porous Metal Organic Materials for Investigation of Hydrogen Diffusion and Counter Ion Exchange
Author: Burd, Stephen Mentor: Mike Zaworotko
Large-scale Production, biochemical and structural characterization of gluzometabolic enzymes for the discovery of novel small molecule inhibitors
Student Author: Jahja, Erol Mentor: Ernst Schonbrunn
Electrowetting on Superhydrophobic Microstructured Surfaces
Student Author: Mouttaki, Kenza Mentor: Nathan Crane
From Start to Strike: A Lesson Plan for the Whole Theatre Experience
Author: Crotty, Kelly Mentor: Patrick Finelli
Developing A Community of Learners: A Multi-Level Integrated Curriculum in the Foreign Language Classroom
Student Author: Matthews, Cheryl Mentor: Linda Evans
Supporting peer-directed coursework platform for Biology Lecture I and II at the post-secondary level
Student Author: Vitale, Krystyn Mentor: Keyon Daniel
Mosin Nagant: Iterative Barrel Length Testing
Author: Clark, Brandon Mentor: Stuart Wilkinson
A Survey of Several Cases to Examine what causes loss of Human life or protects life in the event of an earthquake
Student Author: Hayward, Derek Mentor: Kiki Caruson
A Critical Study of the Literature About Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon
Student Author: Morrill, Samuel Mentor: Peter Harries
Disaster: What we learned from one can be applied to another
Student Author: Poitevien, Christopher Mentor: Graham Tobin
The Civil Engineering Balancing Act
Student Author: Rodriguez, Elena Mentor: A, Gray Mullins Ph.D.
Thou and Ye in some Middle English Romances: The Influence of Audience, Genre, Dialect, Politeness, and Cooperation
Author: Meyer, Aislinn Mentor: Nicole Discenza
The Pronoun Problem: Possible changes in the Use of Epicene Pronouns
Student Author: Norton, Brittany Mentor: Jane Noll
Fine Arts
The Struggle for the Happy Identity
Author: Hodill, Dylan Mentor: C. David Frankel
Friendship: A Play
Student Author: Murray, Thomas Mentor: Patrick Finelli
Stories of Sexuality
Student Author: Taylor, Hunter Mentor: Rita Ciresi
Catharsis of a Troubled Mind
Student Author: Vahdatpour, Cyrus Mentor: Philip Bishop
Comparing and Contrasting Expressionism, Abstract, and Pop Art
Author: Johnson, William Mentor: Wallace Wilson
A Case Study of the Early Modern Travelogue: Johannes Nieuhof
Student Author: Walsh, Ryan Mentor: Kees Boterbloem
Author: Dalton, Aliene Mentor: Philip Bishop
Symbols of Good Fortune: An analysis
Student Author: Heizman, Joseph Mentor: Carlos lopez
Conquering Homelessness: A Reason to Smile
Student Author: Lotfi, Ramzy Mentor: Sondra Fogel
Political and Social Constructs Effecting Successful Balck Politicians in Florida
Student Author: Myers, Tyler Mentor: Susan MacManus
A Comparison of Fundamental Frequency Patterns in Conversatioinal and clear speech produced by native and non-native English speakers
Student Author: Romero, Jennifer Mentor: Catherine Rogers
Student Author: Slee, Thomas Mentor: Eric Hunter
Patterns of Cortical Microcircuitry Changes in Alzheimer's Disease and Mild Conitive Impairment
Author: Aradi, Stephen Mentor: Ronald Mervis
Cesareans as Main Birthing Methos: Implications, Risks, and Recommendations
Student Author: Bernstein, Elizabeth Mentor: Dee Jeffers
The Misguided Popularity of Cesarean Sections in America
Student Author: Ellington, Harley Mentor: Tova Cooper
How Technology Can Improve Oral Hygiene and Overall Health with the Use of Electronic Toothbrushes
Student Author: Griffin, Alexandra Mentor: Roman Manetsch
Vowel Identificaton by Cochlear Implant Users: Comparison of Vowel Edges and Vowel Centers
Student Author: Hanna, Nada Mentor: Gail Donaldson
Isolation of Secondary Metabolites from Antarctic Marine Invertebrates and Their Portential as Drug Candidates
Student Author: Landolfa, Samantha Mentor: Bill J. Baker
Obatoclax and paclitaxel enhance small cell lung cancer autophagy, complementing the apoptotic death pathway
Student Author: Manimala, Neil Mentor: Terri Hunter
An Examination of the Mind-Body Correlation of Vocal Technique in the Music Making Process
Student Author: Mathew, Justina Mentor: Janet Moore
Nursing Students' Attitudes Toward People with Mental Illness: Do They Change After Instruction and Clinical Exposure?
Student Author: Morrison, Rachel Mentor: Debra Gottel
Comparative Analysis Research on Treatments of Prostate cancer obtaining and comparing results of patients who have received laproscopic, robotic-labroscopic, or cryosurgery, radiation therapy
Student Author: Nguyen, Huy Mentor: Julio Pow-Sang
The Role of PKCSll in Insulin-mediated Neurogenesis
Student Author: Peart, Mishka Mentor: Niketa Patel
Potential Application of Synchronization Modulation Technique on Clinical Aspects
Student Author: Quick, John Mentor: Wei Chen
Improving Cost Efficiencies in the Hospital Setting at Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute
Student Author: Richards, Seth Mentor: Jacqueline Reck
The Antarctic Amphipod Ecdysteroid (ECR) Receptor - a kinetically vaforable alternative to the human ECR
Student Author: Salm, Jacqueline Mentor: Bill Baker
Brain Plasticity in Amputees and Introduction of Prosthetics
Student Author: Scott, Heather Mentor: Ralph E. Leighty
Does Immune Suppression after Moderate Stressors occur to free resources in the house sparrow, Passer domesticus?
Student Author: Urban, Alexandra Mentor: Lynn Martin
Morphology of Cortical Astrocytes in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease
Student Author: Verma, Sean Mentor: Ronald Mervis
The Effectiveness of Sleep Deprivation as a Tool in Military Interrogations and the Short-Term Psychological and Neurological Impacts on the Prisoners
Author: Allison, Kevin Mentor: John Evans
Trauma and First-person Authority
Student Author: Ariew, Daniel Mentor: Alex Levine
Why is there a monster in the closet? A look into Today's Society and its Relationship with Mental Illness
Student Author: Bernstein, Sarah Mentor: Michael Dow
Here, Then and Now
Student Author: Gianitsis, Joshua Mentor: Jim Reiman
Cognitive Performance and Diagnosis Threat
Student Author: Salazar, Robert Mentor: Cynthia R. Cimino
Public Health
A Study of Campus Recreation Usage: Developing our student body into Well-Balanced Graduates
Author: Hardy, Carson Mentor: Eric Hunter
Florida Kidcard Outreach in Hillsborough Schools
Student Author: Printz, Alexandra Mentor: Steve Freedman
Social Issues
The Appeal of Social Networking
Author: Arora, Payal Mentor: John Omlor
The Knowledge, perspectives, and attitudes of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender USF students concerning HPV and the HPV vaccine
Student Author: Larson, Andrea Mentor: Susan Vadaparampil
Understanding the Uncapped Florida Legislation of 2010 and its affect on Florida Piker Players, the State of Florida, and the Game of Poker itself
Student Author: Phillips, Andrew Mentor: Georg Kleine
The Cultural, Legal, and Economic Issues Surrounding Video Game Censorship
Student Author: Wojciechowski, Bryan Mentor: Kevin Archer
Social Sciences
How to Study Abroad: A Guide to Overcoming Culture Shock and Making the Most of your Time Overseas
Author: Billmaier, Danielle Mentor: Martine Landis
The Association Between Violent Video Games and School Shootings
Student Author: Bond, David Mentor: Donna Cohen
An Addictive Failure: How the War on Drugs has Led to a Political and Social Environment Responsible for the Erosion of Fourth Amendment Rights
Student Author: Clendenin, Tyler Mentor: Steven Tauber
Land of My Father: Second Generation Haitian American Maintenance of Haitian Cultural Identity and American Enculturation
Student Author: Etienne, Vadricka Mentor: Navita James
Italian Language and Culture and their Sociolinguistic effects on Connecticut dialectal English
Student Author: Gargano, Andrew Mentor: Patrizia La Trecchia
A Study of Campus Recreation Usage: Developing our student body into Well-Balanced Graduates
Student Author: Hellman, Garrett Mentor: Eric Hunter
Putting the Puzzle Together: Factors Related to Emotional Well-being in Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Student Author: Macdonald, Olivia Mentor: Judith Becker Bryant
Intimate partner violence and alcohol abuse in Panama: a comparison of indigenous and non-indigenous population
Student Author: Pheiffer, Sarah Mentor: Sandra Cadena
Sports and Fitness
The Unsung Heroes of College Basketball
Author: Brantley, Jared Mentor: Andy Hipsher
The State of American Handball and the Racquet Sports
Student Author: Faral, Christian Mentor: Eric Hunter
Anatomy of the Concussion: More Serious than Meets the Eye?
Student Author: Frost, Chelsea Mentor: Eric Coris
The Shoulder Labrum: A Modern Baseball Mystery
Student Author: Koscso, Jonathan Mentor: Steve Walz
A Guide Into the World of Cheerleading
Student Author: Wright, Jaclyn Mentor: Lisa Soncrant
Fall 2010 Outstanding Theses
Design of a small molecule inhibitor of B-Secretuse
Author: Anderson, Jordan Mentor: Roman Manetsch
1,2,3,4-Tetrahydroacridones as Potential Inhibitors of Atovaquone-Suscept5ible and Atovaquone-Resistant p.falciparum isolated TM90-C2B and W2
Student Author: Luong, Lisa Mentor: Roman Manetsch
The Pronoun Problem: Possible changes in the Use of Epicene Pronouns
Author: Dean, Morgan Mentor: Jane Noll
Improving Lives by early diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's Disease
Author: Bethune, Kelly Mentor: Ross Andel
An Approach to Mitigating Excess Medical Waste
Student Author: Kania, Ryan Mentor: Anand Kumar
The Role of RON Tyrosine Kinase in TGF-B Induced Progression in Epithelial Carcinomas
Student Author: Karim, Saya Mentor: Meera Nanjundan
An Approach to Mitigating Excess Medical Waste
Student Author: Markel, Jordan Mentor: Anand Kumar
Social Sciences
Utilization of affinity based magnetic bead purification in Eastern Equine Encephalitis RNA Extraction
Author: Bender, Timothy Mentor: Thomas Unnasch

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